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Anyone else have left mouse click issues with P72 workstation or the X1 Extreme thinkpads?


My first computer was a thinkpad in 2001. I forget the model. I got used to gaming using the trackpoint mouse and from there on out I have always had to have a computer with it.

The second thinkpad I got in 2007 was a workstation model because they are the most powerful models that still have a trackpoint.

Currently I have a W520 thinkpad workstation that i purchased in 2012. It still works fairly well. It has a SSD drive and everything. Quadro 2000M graphics.

My Issue:

I tried to upgrade computers in 2018 by purchasing the X1 Extreme. It seemed nice but once I loaded Diablo 3 or World of Warcraft I found out that the left mouse button just below the keyboard would not work properly. It would only register the click every 3rd - 10th try, which makes gaming impossible with it. Every other mouse click buttons on the laptop worked fine.

I returned the computer 2 days after recieveing it, thinking it was a glitch. Lenovo has always been high quality for the last 18 years for me.

I waited 5 months then decided to go all out and get nearly the top of the line P72 workstation. Guess what happened.....  the exact same issue. My W520 workstation was more usefull to me then these 2 computers.


Lenovo gave me full refunds but I am not sure where to go now.

Should I try out a P53 workstation with the RTX4000

Should i try a p73 workstation with the RTX4000


I require the trackpoint to function......

Yes I know I can purchase a trackpoint keyboard and get a desktop, but I just like the thinkpads.


Anyone else have issues with the left mouse click button on the newer models?  is this a running theme?


P.S. I spend hours with tech support on each computer to no avail....

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