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Are Lenovo downloads and updates necessary?

The Lenovo website offers support for drivers and downloads. They seem to keep updating various items.  Is it necessary to use all these updates or downloads?

I've got W500 4061-BV3.  Windows 7 64-bit.  It 's fresh and new wiped clean, updated with Windows 7 64bit.


I'm having difficulty getting audio to play on TV using laptop's displayport with adapter to HDMI cable to TV.  No audio on Tv.  Wondering to update/download for  sound drivers or graphics ?   Or something else?   I haven't done a thing yet.

I've also got Dedicated Graphics. ATi FireGL V5700.   How does that compare to Discrete, or other types... in terms of getting audio to play through TV.



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Re: Are Lenovo downloads and updates necessary?



After your initial required driver installs, to get everything working correctly, updates aren't really necessary, but many are recommended.


The simplest thing for you to do is to install the ThinkVantage System Update and run it to get all the missing drivers and essential utilities your ThinkPad requires, and for a powerful machine like the W- series, it's not good to have any of them missing.


ThinkVantage System Update 5.06


The W500 has Switchable graphics adapters as standard, i.e. it has both an Intel GM45 and the ATI FireGL V5700. The Intel integrated GPU is used on all your basic functions, such as browsing and office work and then you have the FireGL discrete GPU for the high performance use. You can choose manually which GPU a certain program is run on, but the default settings do a rather good job of auto-selecting them for most tasks.


ThinkPad Switchable Graphics Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)


Lastly, your audio drivers are here:


Conexant Audio Software for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)


See if this doesn't at least get you started. Cheers!

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Re: Are Lenovo downloads and updates necessary?

Hello,  and thank you for this very useful and clear information.  I will review it all.  I appreciate it very much as the machine is new to me.  And it is starting from a fresh start. So I didn't know what to add, if needed.    Have a good weekend!    Massachusetts

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