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Lenovo Staff
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My W530 could not save BIOS settings after I updated the BIOS to version 2.61.


When I select "Save Changes" or "Exit Saving Changes" a warning msg appears:

Formset D37BCD57-ABA1-44E6-A92C-898B158F2F59

Failed to save storage: RstHiiConfig. Status:Unsupported.


Today, I updated BIOS to version 2.62. But thewarning message still appears unchanged.



warning msg



Try the following to troubleshoot this:

1.  Press F9 to load setup defaults, and then F10 to save/exit.


2.  Reflash BIOS with a special option to clear all NVRAM:


  a.  Download and extract the BIOS update for your system from website.  Do not choose to install the BIOS update yet

  b.  Open command prompt as admin user

  c.  Change to the extracted BIOS folder (e.g. c:\drivers\flash\xxx)

  d.  "winflash64.exe -patch -cvar"

  e.  The system will automatically reboot

  f.   You will see an error like "bad CRC of EFI variable"   (this is normal)  Press F1 to enter Setup

  g.  Change to the "restart" page

  h.  Set OS Optimized Defaults to "Enabled" (if you are running Win8) or "Disabled" (if you are running Win7)

  i.   Press F9 to load setup defaults

  j.  Press F10 to save and exit

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