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Battery Options for W510


I am having poor battery backup on my W510 and have sent my laptop multiple times to Lenovo Support , but no luck so far.


Is it possible to buy a extra battery and charge it offline and use when your laptop charger is drained? Please suggest me what are the various battery option available for my laptop.


As W510 does not have NVIDIA Optimus or switchable graphics (which helps in terms of power usage for different programs), therefore more power consumption is expected and thus battery may drain faster.
You could get ThinkPad External Battery Charger (FRU 40Y7625) to charge your battery offline.




Types of battery for T/W510:
ThinkPad Battery 55+/++ (6/9 Cell system battery FRU 57Y4185/57Y4186) - Discontinued
ThinkPad Battery 70+/++ (6/9 Cell system battery FRU 0A36302/0A36303)
ThinkPad Battery 27++ (9 Cell slice "dock' battery FRU 57Y4545) 




The slice battery is a "dock" type battery which attaches using the docking connectors underneath your laptop.


Therefore, you can combine the slice battery with your 6-cell system battery or a 9-cell system battery for even more power. The 9-cell dock or 9-cell system battery are both 94Wh. If you use a 9-cell system battery simultaneously with the 9-cell slice battery, you have 18-cells of power for maximum battery life.

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