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Blue Screen Again
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Battery not installed - battery not detected? A Ripoff ???

Can Lenovo explain why they have this policy that once the cells in a Lenovo battery pack drops below a certain capacity (about 80% to 85%), the pack electronics remembers that and then "destroys" the pack by refusing to handshake with the laptop -- so the laptop will no longer recognize the pack?  And replacing the cells or charging the cells will not bring the pack to life as the electronics will continue to refuse the handshake, even with new cells.  This makes the pack unrepairable and forces a purchase of a new pack from Lenovo, way before necessary?


Measuring the cells of the pack, I find that the three cells in series register 10.48 volts which is about 3.5 volts for each cell (yes all nine were both capacity and voltage balanced within 1%).  This is way above a cell cutoff voltage of 3.0 volts (or 3.3 V for the purist).  But Lenovo considers 3.5 V to be the limit, displays 0% charge, and forces a recharge of the battery.  At 3.5 V, about 40% of the capacity still remains unused with the cell.  So although the cells have 40% capacity left and may be discharged to 3.0 V, Lenovo considers the battery pack to be fully discharged and forces an unnecessary early recharge.


Then to add insult to injury, apparently if the cells continues to hit the 3.5 volt level too soon, the electronics decides that the pack is defunct and then "blows the fuse" and refuses to charge the battery, and refuses to accept an external charge or a replacement of the cells, and then refuses the handshake - thus rendering the battery pack inoperable destined for the trash heap.


I believe this practice is a ripoff of the consumer and Lenovo shold explain why they do this.

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