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I have a W530 with both an mSATA SSD and an internal HDD.  What is the best  method for formatting the HDD so that it can be used as a data storage volume?  It currently has a bootable volume of Windows 7 on it.

Also, my primary use for this HDD will be as a scratch disk for video editing.  is there a particular file system that is more efficient for this use?.

At the moment NTFS is my default option. I was wondering if there was something else for non system disks. It will be a single partition.


It would be advisable for you to use the NTFS format. The alternative would be fat32, but with fat32 you can't create files bigger than 2GB, and video files can easily be bigger than that. The only time when others would go outside NTFS is to format an external drive exFAT for shared use with a Mac.


If your video editing file is big, you may consider format NTFS with 64kb cluster size for better performance. The compromise of exceeding 4kb cluster size is you are not able to use NTFS compression (not the Winrar or zip) and files will use up more storage space. With this method, you will save a lot of time creating VM HDD and running VMware more smoothly. 

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