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What's DOS?
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Brand new Thinkpad P1 fan noise

I have bought this laptop not so long ago, and have not been using it much.


However, whenever I do want to use the machine the fan noise is too loud even when it's idle. Or perhaps, when I have a few tabs of google chrome running. 


Previously, I used a macbook pro for 5 years which I had no problem with taking it to a public place and work with it, but this machine really does put me in a situation where I do not want travel with it. I did not expect this when I spent a large sum of money.


my work involves coding and a bit of graphic work which as the specification of the machine should be more than enough to handle whilst being quiet. Am I the only one with this issue?



Punch Card
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Re: Brand new Thinkpad P1 fan noise

Fan noise is normal in all highend thinkpads with thinner chassis  . ( these days ) 

I own a P52 and fan noise was terrible when i started using it . 

I don't use any coolers with fans . 

I have a orico cooling pad 15inch without fans and a Vertical Laptop stand when i am working . 

I have seen this helps a lot with the ventilation/cooling of the laptop . 

Meanwhile download CPUID HWMonitor and keep checking . 

Some of the laptops have problems because of poor thermal paste application .

When i was narrowing down my selection for a workstation laptop . 

I chose the P-52 , its bulky and heavy . but cooling is a little better . 



T410 T440 T470 P-52
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Re: Brand new Thinkpad P1 fan noise

Install bios version 1.19 if you haven't already. It allows the fans to run more quietly.

Punch Card
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Re: Brand new Thinkpad P1 fan noise

Yes. FW 1.19 helps  alot, but the most important thing is to occastionally open Task Manager and monitor which softwares consume too much memory/CPU and make the fans work so hard.


Google Chrome is always on the top list.........



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