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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Brandnew Thinkpad P1 with coil-whining like noise

I am in the same boat as you. Virtual Machines, need the power, but the trend to thinning ultrabooks with ever increasing cooling requirements does not lend itself to efficient and portable computing. I decided to purchase an inexpensive MS Surface Pro I got through Costco during black Friday while waiting for my P1 to arrive. I genuinely thought I would return the Surface or maybe keep both. I decided to return the P1 and take all of those funds over the 3-4 year lifetime of a loaded P1 and direct them at Microsoft Azure or AWS virtual instance compute, running only when I need them (to minimize cost). Unless you are on a plane day in and day out, with spotty WiFi coverage, there is no reason such a solution shouldn't work. Access it via RDP, SSH or otherwise from a lower powered, fan-less device.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Brandnew Thinkpad P1 with coil-whining like noise

SOLVED ??? this is not solved!!
When Lenovo reaches out and apologizes and addresses the issues, then we mark this as solved!


Do not undervolt your new laptop, you will void your warranty.
Do not reapply thermal paste to your cpu, you will void your warranty.

Do not take apart your machine and try to re-adjust fans,  you will void your warranty.

Do not take matters into your own hands, either send it back or deal with it.


These machines clearly have thermal issues, the fans blow loudly.
These machines also have a noise like someone dragging an iron pole behind then as they walk. 
I love Lenovo's, Especially thinkpads, but please, this is not solved!



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Brandnew Thinkpad P1 with coil-whining like noise

The area i stay 4g is bad and wifi on the long commute isn't viable (no in-train wifi) . Thus cloud solution is not applicable ( plus you don't even need mobile workstation if using cloud solution).  So I decide to return p1. Don't like the noise when connected to power cable in places like library or office.  Just not very friendly to others in open space environment.


I am waiting for p52 arrival to give lenovo another go. If still bad, i probably stay away from lenovo a while. Not a very positive overall experience with lenovo so far.


ps: Note that without power cable connected to P1, after the software tweek, 99%cpu utlization can be fairly quiet until it get heated up(tested with intel extreme tuning utility). 



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Re: Brandnew Thinkpad P1 with coil-whining like noise

Good that you mention this. I was thinking about the P1 as a secondary machine for on the go. Then it is clearly not an option . I can't imagine worse than disturbing people with my noise laptop on meetings and in cafés, or on the train.


I returned my P72, I didn't like the cramped keyboard design, and the 4K screen had oversaturated color issues in Windows due to the non managed wide gamut screen. And the known Bios issues bricking the machine, I didn't want to risk that.


Now, I bought a Dell Precision 7530, I am happy with it. Undervolting makes it dead silent, but it was silent before, too.


The P52 has the same keyboard as the P72. If you use US keyboard,it is not an issues, if it is Lshape enter international layout, check weather you like it or not.

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