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I've searched the documentation but can find no where that describes how to use peripherals (a large monitor, a keyboard, and mouse)  that are hooked to the computer, and have the lid closed (I don't need to see the laptop screen when it is hooked up to a separate monitor).  Right now, I've got all the peripherals hooked up, however, I have to keep the laptop lid opened while working. It's distracting to look at the monitor, and at the same time in my peripheral vision, I see the laptop monitor.


You can set your laptop to use the external monitor only and off the laptop monitor.

Try to step below to set your external monitor as main desktop and turn off the laptop monitor.


The steps below may vary slightly between models with discrete or integrated graphics.


  • Right click on desktop and select Graphic properties
  • Select Multiple display tab
  • Select Operating mode to "Single Display"
  • Select Primary Display to "Monitor"
  • Click OK.




Once that is done, do follow the steps provided below to change the settings for the "lid close"


  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click On Power Options
  • Click On Advanced
  • Change "When I close the lid of my portable computer"
  • Click on drop down to "Do Nothing".
  • Click Ok.





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