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Re: Cancelled Order was Shipped - Now What

sad story, but i believe it.

next laptop might be a dell, their new models look good. also, the keyboard layout is okay while being backlit.

my W530 came to me in two weeks, relatively pleased with mine, except for the fact that i got a really crappy keyboard, the old FRU one with blue center and the fact that it doesnt run on a 90W adapter. yes, it does charge when its off, but does not run on it directly. its possible to use a 135W adapter or to make the W530/W520 think its using  a135W with a patch cable onto a 90W adapter, but that is hardly safe. worse yet, this was a bios decision by lenovo engineers. No actual good technical reason on an electrical level to not allow the use of 90W adapters while idle.




if you do get the two other laptops, i say keep them and file a credit card claim for unauthorised charge. you have the proofs that you had the orders cancelled, you have tracking numbers and dates. make lenovo lose money, they deserve it. otherwise, its going to be their responsibility to get back their products which they failed to cancel shipment for. its totally their fault and they could send someone to pick up your laptop if they wanted to, unless their "on site" warranty is also a fraud, because offfering "on site warranties" would mean they would have "warranty" personnel able to go "on-site" to do stuff, so it stands to reason they could send those same people to "retrieve" materials too.

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Re: Cancelled Order was Shipped - Now What

I had the same scenario.

I just cancelled my order after 10 hours and then after 8 weeks they charged me  $1,769.46 even I didn't received the ideapad yoga 13. Really, Lenovo has the WORST Support/Customer Service.

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