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Paper Tape
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Cannot boot from DVD or CD

Hello all...  I have a W700, Type:2758.


I have formatted my drives and I want to re-install the O/S.  When I power up the machine with a disk, the message I get is "Device not found" or "No valid operating system".


1.  My boot order has "ATAPI CD0: Model HL-DT-STDVDRAM GT33n-(TS)" as the FIRST device.  This device has "No valid operating system" written beside it.


2.  I have two disks I am trying to boot from.  The first is a Windows 7 boot disk, and second is the BIOS CD that I got from the Lenovo site.  My results are the same regardless of which disk is in the DVD drive.


3.  I have swapped the DVD-Drive with a co-worker to ensure that it is working correctly.  The DVD drive does in fact work.


4. I have checked both disks on my other PC and I have no problems reading them.


Any ideas?




Paper Tape
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎12-22-2009
Location: Pickering
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Re: Cannot boot from DVD or CD

Never mind..... I got a hold of a USB DVD, and taaa-daaaa, it sees the disk instantly.


While I am still completely confused on why I cannot boot from the built-in DVD, I at least can install the O/S now.  (Again, I have even changed the embedded DVDs...)


Oh well......


Have a great day everyone.....

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