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Considering the purchase of a P40. 2 questions.



my Surface Book was stolen yesterday and need to get a new computer for work (CAD and Sketching for Industrial Design).


I would like to know:


1. How does the P40 GPU compare to the performance of the dGPU from the Surface Book?


2. I'm based in Austria and on Lenovo's webshop they offer a keyboard layout "English European". How is this different from the US international layout? (I don't want the QWERTZ or the English UK layout). If someone from Lenovo sees this, please try to improve the info on the webshop... it is really poor.



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Re: Considering the purchase of a P40. 2 questions.



I just have my P40 for 2 month but it is doing pretty well. I am mostly using Fusion 360, Rhino 5 etc. no problems in moving stuff around etc. But it also depents very much on which software you use and if they support the quadro card. Which programs will you work with? Then I can try them for you. (from 2015 did they update?)


About the pen I can not tell you much since it arrived defect with the laptop and I am still waiting for replacement. But having a touch screen is super helpful in all programs. Navigating becomes super fun.


The only bottleneck I feel is the RAM. Here in Mexico I could only get 8GB which is normaly fine for small models. But Windows 10 is eating most of it!!! There are some tricks to keep is low but if you can get min. 16GB RAM!!


Before you order you should ask around how good the service works in your country. Here in Mexico I have to wait for anything min 2month. If you can buy the laptop in a shop close by where you can check it out and bring it back to repair choose that one. But for the rest I like the P40 so far.



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Re: Considering the purchase of a P40. 2 questions.

very good question. in theory, for small video issues Surfacebook should be faster as it is GDDR5 memory vs GDDR3 in the P40's M500M; but it only has 1GB versus the 2GB in the M500M.
to say the obvious, the M500M is certified as being quadro versus the Microsoft-custom made version.

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