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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎11-12-2008
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Cracked LCD repairable?

Sigh.  My overly excited 1.5 year old had a few minutes with my laptop while I wasn't watching... and unfortunately, my LCD screen is now cracked/kaput.


Is this something that can be repaired, regardless of cost?  (I'm still under the standard 12 month limited warranty.)  Or should I just give up and get a new system?

Punch Card
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Re: Cracked LCD repairable?

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Yes, you can get the display replaced.  If you don't have the accidental damage protection (ADP) coverage (I don't think it comes as part of the standard warranty) then you'll probably have to pay them to get a repair on it.  If it's not too late, you might ask them also about getting extended warranty with ADP.


They might even provide you with the option of having someone come out to your house and fix it, but that does cost extra.  You'd save money by mailing it into them to be repaired, but then you'd be out of a laptop for a while as they acquire the part and fix it.


I should also add that if you're good with fixing things, I have seen them mail the part to the individual with instructions on how to replace it.  There is also a link somewhere around here to the repair manual.

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Re: Cracked LCD repairable?

It would probably cost you at least 500 dollars to get your LCD fixed by the depot, as it is considered as an out of warranty repair. 


Jin Li

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