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What's DOS?
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Difference on P40 models? 20GQ001NMD 20GQ001NMS



Seeing as there's no contact e-mail for these kind of questions I hope someone in here can help me.


I am looking forward to buy a ThinkPad P40, and I found these two models way cheaper than if I buy at Lenovo directly; 20GQ001NMD, 20GQ001NMS.


Can someone tell me if these are worse models than the one I can get from Lenovo directly? It seems very strange that they are so much cheaper, we're talking about 3000 DKK (danish kroners), equals to 350£. I think I found once that the two models I am asking for are from september last year. -Can that really make such a big difference? The shop is getting new units later this month, same models they say.


Have a nice day.

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Re: Difference on P40 models? 20GQ001NMD 20GQ001NMS


The models that you can buy from retailers are no worse than those you can buy yourself from Lenovo. Actually I think it is preferable, in case of problems with the laptop.

The difference is that the models you mention are "TopSeller" models, meaning that they are built in large quantities and hence thus cheaper for Lenovo to build.
When you buy from Lenovo directly, you buy a customized laptop that must be built for you. You will end up getting a model number containing "CTO", e.g. customized-to-order.

Also, it ought to be mentioned that Lenovo are pretty happy with sending out 10% coupons with their email newsletters all the time, so you should also take that into account regarding the higher price.

It seems that the NMD will come with a Danish keyboard, NMS with a Swedish and NMN with a Norwegian one. Default language of Win 10 would also differ.
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Re: Difference on P40 models? 20GQ001NMD 20GQ001NMS

In general, on 10-character product codes, the first 8 refer to the configuration and the last 2 relate to country code, which affects keyboard, power supply, windows language, etc.


You can look up many configurations here:




I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Difference on P40 models? 20GQ001NMD 20GQ001NMS

Thank you very much both of you for the quick and informative answer. Just what I hoped to hear!


So now I'll finally get my hands on a portable CAD laptop that should last for years :-)



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