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Paper Tape
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Display driver for P72



I am working on a Lenovo P72 model 20MCS01H00

The device manager lists the Display Adapter as "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter"


I have downloaded n2cnq10w.exe "ThinkPad Video Features (NVIDIA Quadro N18 with NVIDIA Control Panel) for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad P72" but this does not resolve the issue.

When I manually dig through the files and run the Setup.exe, it ends with an error. (attached)


I've gone into the BIOS and set the graphics options to "Discrete Graphics"


I am running Windows 10 x64 1709.


Let me know if any further info is needed.


Any help will be appreciated.




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Re: Display driver for P72

I don't know what nVidia Quadro Notebook GPU you have in your P72.  I know nothing about an "N18". The PSREF shows P600, P2000, P3200, P4200 and P5200 as being graphics options, so your machine should have one of these.


If you've set the BIOS to "discrete graphics" I would recommend you use the regular retail nVidia driver downloaded directly from the nVidia driver site.  In the dropdown boxes specify Quadro, Quadro Series (notebooks), Windows 10 64-bit, Optimal driver for Enterprise (ODE), and then pick the particular GPU product you bought in your P72.  Push "search", and then push the DOWNLOAD button on the search results to download the driver to be installed.


I just did that for the P3200 (just for the sake of example), and here is the result of the search.


See if that addresses the issue.

Punch Card
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Re: Display driver for P72

I'm just curious... how did you get a P72?  They do not show up as being for sale yet on the Lenovo Website? They are still listed as coming soon.

Lenovo P72 E-2176M, P4200, 64Gb Non-ECC, 2x2Tb RAID 0 Sam 970EVO, 4Tb Sam 860 EVO
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Re: Display driver for P72

Go into Device Manager (devmgmt.msc).  Look under Display Adapters. What do you see ? There should be two devices. What is the hardware ID of each device ?

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Re: Display driver for P72

If he's got "discrete graphics" set there will only be one GPU shown, and it should be the nVidia device name assuming it has an nVidia driver installed.  The built-in Intel GPU will only also appear if "hybrid graphics" (i.e. Optimus mode) is enabled.  With "discrete graphics" there will only be one GPU.


If there's no nVidia driver yet installed it should probably show up as some generic VGA device name supported by MS's generic graphics driver.

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