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Failing hardware or win8 drivers?



I recently received a Thinkpad w530 with win8 at work and two months into usage I am suddenly running into all sorts of issues:


- First win8 starts to bluescreen and reboot with no pattern, when powering up again the system can't find ssd disk which requires holding power button until system powers off completely.


- Then I experienced memory allocation errors with every running application which stalls the system and power has to be broken with power button.


- And lastly the monitor starts blinking rapidly in all sorts of colors until I hold power button.


Looking in the event log I see nothing but messages that all cpu cores have been limited in speed by firmware and standard kernel-power-error / system rebooted unexpectedly.


I have (two days ago) updated firmware and most drivers, since then I have not experienced any crashes, memory errors or flashing screen but I am not so quick to rule out faulty hardware.


On top of this I have experienced flickering lines from top left corner to right corner on external monitors (I have tried three different monitors/brands with same results) since day 1 of usage. Usually they appear with a white background, for example in a web browser.


I have contacted Lenovo support in Sweden who refuse to offer support until I wipe current company installed win8-image and install win7...


So, known issues?



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Re: Failing hardware or win8 drivers?

Doesn't sound like a software problem.  Do you have another HDD?  Removing the current SSD then installing the Windows 7 Lenovo factory image to a HDD is a good way to troubleshoot the issue.

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Re: Failing hardware or win8 drivers?

I would install another HDD with the recovery image. If the problem persists, you are there and can posssilby get a replacement.
Lenovo ThinkPad W520 4284-4MG, UEFI 1.39, Intel Core i7-2860QM 2.5GHz, Kingston PNP 24GB (2x4+2x8GB) 1600MHz RAM, Crucial m4 070H 512GB SSD, Intel 6300 AGN, ThinkPlus 3G Ericsson F5521qw Broadband, Lenovo TP Port Mini Dock Plus Series 3, Windows 7 Professional 64bit
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Re: Failing hardware or win8 drivers?

My vote is on hardware or firmware problem. 


I have the same problem. W530 with factory installed SSD Intel 520 240GB SSDSC2BW240

(Model=INTEL SSDSC2BW240A3L, FwRev=LF1i) the SSD drive drops randomly offline during use.

This happends mostly under heavy load.

I think I have eliminated the OS + Driver problem since one time I:

(0. Burned the Lenovo diagnostic CD on the machine ok and shutdown the machine normally)

1. I booted from Lenovo Diagnostic CD

2. Ran the memory and storage diagnostisc wich both passed 

3. rebooted the W530 

4. Boot hanged at running the bios Tinkpad quick diagnostic (Bios -> Boot: Quick | [Diagnostic])

5. After 1-2 min boot continues and tried to boot from network 

6. I do warm reboot (ctrl+alt+delete) 

7. Error : 2100 HDD0 not found 

8. New warm reboot -> Error : 2100 HDD0 not found 

9. After cold reboot the OS (OpenSuSE x64 - 12.2) starts normally

10. After 10min of use, SSD drops offline and OS crashes again, which it has been doing 1-4 times a day last 4 days since we purchased this machine. 


* Have not changed any bios settings or anything prior to the problems start 

* BIOS SATA setting is the factory default ACHI 

* After problems started I disabled most of the power saving settings in bios = no effect 

After problems started I whitched the I/O sheduler to noop

After problems started I turned off ext4 journaling, and file + dir atime and added discard 


Non of these had much effect. Turning off journaling did reduce the failure frequency a bit (but that reduced the overall HD usage A LOT ! )


I have not yet figured out how to turn off the SMART - control. I think the HD under heavy load envçounters an anomality (physical / firmware) which causes the (SMART) controller to drop disk offline as it stays offline until cold reboot. 





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