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Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Future of Thunderbolt Docking: Feedback Wanted

Thanks for the feedback!  Very thorough and interesting!  As far as the specific requests and ideas, a few new ideas will be assessed for feasibility.  

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Future of Thunderbolt Docking: Feedback Wanted

I tend not to carry a dock when I travel.  I have 2 locations where I commonly work, and I keep a docking station at each with a power supply. I would prefer a single, larger, power brick that I could leave at each location with the dock.  I carry one of the power supplies for the laptop alone in my computer bag, but I don't use it when I am attached to one of the docks.


I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo.
Punch Card
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Re: Future of Thunderbolt Docking: Feedback Wanted

I would definitely prefer option A. How about a TB3 dock like the Sonnet Echo 15+ TB Dock for the Mac. It can be purchased with an optical drive or no optical drive. The model without the optical drive can hold a 3.5" HDD or 2 SSDs.

Or, maybe expand the ThinkStack concept into a configurable TB dock. Thanks for asking for customer input.

What's DOS?
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Re: Future of Thunderbolt Docking: Feedback Wanted

Personally, I feel the designers from Lenovo have not offered an acceptable solution, which unfortunately dissuaded me from purchasing the new P7 series computers.  I understand why these new computers need more power.   But you're inhibiting business functionality in my humble opinion.  I like the Lenovo quality and hate I cannot update the hundreds of computers we have.  


1.  Build the power supply needed into the charging station.  Why does it have to be separate?   The issue here is convenience.   I hook and unhook my laptop from its docking station probably 15-20 times a day.  Portability within my company is paramount.  


2.  Now I have to set the machine down loosely on my desk.  Grabe TWO cables or potentially THREE cables and plug them into the laptop.  Where has the convenience been gained?


While option A is the closest, you're now requiring the consumer to fumble with **bleep** cables again, which the original docking station created 1000 years ago resolved.  So now we're going back to fumbling with cables.  Not very customer-centric at all.  Sad!


Not a happy camper.




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