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What's DOS?
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Get more space on Lenovo Recovery Partition

I am getting message that Lenovo Recovery Partition is over 85% full and I need to do something about it, but there is nothing to clean up on Disc Cleanup.  Main partition has plenty of space.

Also, getting message to run a Back Up. What am I backing up, and to where? I have offsite backup and would never back up my laptop onto my laptop, so I prefer to skip this, if it is ok. If I do skip it, can I free up the space reserved for the backup and put back in general use?


Thank you

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Re: Get more space on Lenovo Recovery Partition

One of the first things I did when getting my W530 last year was to install Macrium Reflect Standard (there is also a "free" version with slightly less functionality) and take a "system image" backup to my external USB 3.0 hard drive.  I continue to take regular "system image" backups to this drive, as well as performing normal periodic "data" backups to the same external drive using NovaBACKUP.


I do NOT use either Windows backup nor its own "system image" functionality.  Nor do I use any Lenovo-provided tools for backup.  I only use these two 3rd-party vendor products, and have been doing so on ALL of my machines for many years.


So once my own "recovery" backup was created, I used Partition Wizard to delete the Lenovo provided "recovery partition".  I would NEVER have a need to ever go back to "factory", and besides could always do that anyway if I wanted by using Macrium Reflect to restore that very first "system image" (named "FACTORY") I'd taken on day 1.


I then used Partiton Wizard to also shrink the original large C partition on the hard drive, and create several other smaller partitions on the one internal spinner hard drive for "data".  Again, the original Lenovo "recovery partition" was by now long gone.  With sufficiently large partitions that have sufficient free space, you'll never be bothered by Lenovo ThinkVantage tools about running out of disk space (which is obviously untrue anyway, when the entire drive is considered).  Just ignore this.



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