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I bought a w520 last week.  It's a lovely machine, but unfortunately it's frequently had terrible wireless download speeds straight out of the box.  Wired, it was 11+ Mbps.  Wireless, I've hit a high of 6+ and a low of .2.  It is extremely uncommon for me to get between .2 and .75 Mbps.   Is there anything that can be done to increase the speed?




This can easily be rectified by going to Windows "Power Option" (Not Lenovo Power Manager) and changing the setting for the wireless. In order to do this please follow the instructions below.


  • Go to the "Control Panel" and open the "Power Options". A new window should appear. (Please see illustration below.



  • Which ever plan than you are currently selected on click on "Change Plan Settings". A new window will appear. (please see illustration below)



  • Then click on "Change Advance Power Settings". Another window should appear ( See illiustration below)



  • In the menu above click on "Wireless Adapter Settings" 
  • Click on "Power Saving Mode"
  • From there there will 2 option. 1) On battery 2) Plugged in. Change these settings to Maximum performance.
  • Click on "OK" and then check for changes.

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