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Graphics Driver Issue w/ W700ds.

Hi, All,


I hope somebody will be able to help as I'm stumped with a graphics driver issue that I don't seem to be able to resolve.


I have a W700ds that crashes every time I try to use the latest graphics driver from Lenovo's driver site.  I am presently using Win7 (64bit) -- and I tried it with Win 8 too -- with 8GB of RAM.  The graphics card is a nVidia Quadro FX3700M.  When the video driver for my video card is engaged, my screen blanks out with only a square cursor showing.  The computer seems to be still working in the background but the screen is completely frozen and the PC needs to be rebooted.


I am confident that its related to either the driver or the video card as a plain "vanilla" VGA driver works just fine (as attested by this post).  (Incidentally, I have also replaced the primary HDD w/ an SDD and the problem still persists.)  I have tried different versions of the driver from both the Lenovo and nVidia sites with no avail.  I have spent a good number of days trying to fix this issue and the problem has become both frustrating and limiting as I can only employ a basic video driver!


Any assistance provided or suggestions offered are most appreciated.


Thank you kindly.




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Re: Graphics Driver Issue w/ W700ds.

Have you tried the latest driver from Nvidia;s Site? I would try it and see if there is any change. If not, try Nvidia's auto detection as well.
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Punch Card
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Re: Graphics Driver Issue w/ W700ds.

Hi Peter,


Thank you for your reply.


I have tried both of your suggestions to no avail, i.e., installed new drivers from nVidia in the ways described.  Though the crashes still recurs, it is now less frequent. 


Nonetheless if my crashes continues, I will revert to the standard VGA driver and forget about hardware acceleration completely.  (Just simply cannot afford to lose work.)  This would be unfortunate considering the FX3700M graphics card would be a complete waste.




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Re: Graphics Driver Issue w/ W700ds.

Could be the Fx3700m card has gone bad.  I just replaced mine.


I was getting intermittend BSOD's on the nvdia driver. Then there was distortion on the lenovo boot screen/logo. After that the nvdia drivers would not load and the system reverted to the standard vga driver.

After replacing the FX3700m card, everything is back to normal.



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