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Re: Has anyone tried 32GB(4x8GB) of RAM in a quad-core w520?

thitiv wrote:

I primarily use VMware for virtualization and simulations. I rarely use more than 60% of the 16GB as well Smiley Happy

Well, I run an enterprise class software platform fully operated in VMWARE and I would need 18 GB RAM to start them all.

For now, I have always to suspend one and to start another, annoying.

But with SSD SATA3 disks it is incredible fast, so fast that I am afraid my customers will be later on complaining that in the production the applications would not run so smooth as in my virtual machines Smiley Happy.

ThinkPad W520, i7-2820 CPU, 32GB RAM, NVidia Quadro 2000M 2GB GPU , mSATA Samsung Evo 840 1TB + 2x Samsung SSD EVO 840 1TB & Lenovo Helix i7 8GB RAM & ThinkPad W540, i7-4800MQ, 32 GB RAM, NVidia Quadro K1100M, OS on M.2 2242 Transcend MTS400 256GB + 2x Samsung SSD EVO 840 1TB
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Re: Has anyone tried 32GB(4x8GB) of RAM in a quad-core w520?

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Hi thitiv

I was not even running enterprise grade VMware. Only Workstation. If I have 16GB of memory, I would be able to use it almost all.

For me:
Win 7 64-bit + Background Process + VMware (2GB)

Mac OS X Lion Server (2 - 4GB)

Windows 8 Preview (1GB)

OpenSUSE Linux (1GB)
Windows Server 2008 32bit (1GB)

Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit (2 - 4GB)
Windows 7 (1GB)
Windows Server 2003 R2 (512MB)
Windows XP (256MB)


Since I do not have a need to run simulation for environment, 8GB is just great for practicing labs for Server OS, software as I do not need to up all VM at the same time.


Cheers :smileyvery-happy:


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Re: Has anyone tried 32GB(4x8GB) of RAM in a quad-core w520?

So there is a consensus that having plenty of RAM is most justified by the use of virtualization technology! Smiley Very Happy

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Bit Torrent
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Re: Has anyone tried 32GB(4x8GB) of RAM in a quad-core w520?

The problem you run into, especially if you purchased a W510 or W520 with 16GB of mermory, is the cost to move to 32GB. For most people the cost IS NOT justified at this time.

Paper Tape
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Re: Has anyone tried 32GB(4x8GB) of RAM in a quad-core w520?

Yes, working fine.


I just broke my two elitebooks, and now every 8GB memory chips are on my new Thinkpad w520. 32GB is lot of ram... even for vmware hosting...


Sorry about Finnish language:


 Bios-version tunnus8BET50WW (1.30
 ROM:in koko8.00 MB
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
 NimiIntel(R) Core(TM)
i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
 Tämänhetkinen nopeus2.59 GHz
 OminaisuudetMMX, PSE36, EM64T, SSE,
 L1-ohjevälimuisti4 x 32.00
 L1-datavälimuisti4 x 32.00
 L2-välimuisti4 x 256.00
 L3-välimuisti6.00 MB
Fyysisen muistin

8192 MB DDR3-SDRAM (1333 MHz)


W520 | Core i7 2630QM | 15.6" HD+ (1600 x 900) | NVIDIA Quadro 1000M | 32 GB DDR3 - 1333MHz | 512 GB Kingston SSD | Ultimate-N 6300 | WWAN F5521gw | 9 cell | Win 7 Pro 64
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Re: Has anyone tried 32GB(4x8GB) of RAM in a quad-core w520?


>>And I haven't managed to use more than 60% of my 16GB RAM yet.


>>What programs are you all running?


I am running computational fluid dynamics codes on my W520. I run very small problems to test my code and 16 GB is not enough. I use a Cray XE6 with 43,000 cores and 85TB of RAM to run my code on real problems. When a Thinkpad gets this capability I will consider it to have enough memory. Before anyone laughs at this I will point out that my W520 has 40 times the processing power and 16 times the memory of the Cray YMP I used back in 1991-1993. Historically for me, it takes only 20 years to see the power of a current Cray supercomputer make it into a home computer for under 2 grand. I chuckle everytime I power up my W520 and think back 20 years.



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32GB in a W510

For the record, we just got a pair of 8GB Corsair sticks for an X220. For kicks, I first tried putting them in my 2 year old W510 (i7-820QM 1.73 GHz quad core), and they work! The machine correctly reported 24 GB (2x8GB + the existing 2x4GB) in the BIOS, in memtest, and in Ubuntu. So it certainly looks like this machine unofficially supports 32GB. This is a pleasant surprise. I use it for neural data analysis, and at times use up to 14GB or so at a time, so 16GB is enough for me, at least for now.


The exact model number of the Corsair RAM is CMSO16GX3M2A1333C9. It's a 2x8GB package. I got it for CAD$140 at NCIX, after pricematching at



Paper Tape
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Re: 32GB in a W510


That sounds good, Can I add these rams to W520?( how many slots does 520 has for adding the ram)

Thank you

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Re: 32GB in a W510

There are four slots on the W520.  Two of them are apparently disabled on the dual core models but the quad core machines will allow you to fill with 4x8GB.

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Re: Has anyone tried 32GB(4x8GB) of RAM in a quad-core w520?

Oh, yeah! Lovin' every minute of it.

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