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Help. Opinions needed. New thinkpad p1 arrived.

2019-04-20, 15:10 PM



So I got a new thinkpad p1 and just received it. When I went to turn it on for the first time right out of the box (did not plug it in to charge or anything) it did NOT turn on. I immediately called customer service and they said this is not normal and to try to plug in the charger. So I did that and it turned on, but when it came on the battery was at 43%. There is no way the battery charged to 43% in just a few minutes. I am considering a return and to get a new replacement as I am within the 30 day window, as I have lost confidence in the machine. I turned it off and on without the charger plugged in and it appears to be working now, but with a brand new and expensive machine that initial issue may be a sign of things to come. What do you think? Could this be normal? Or would you return?

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Re: Help. Opinions needed. New thinkpad p1 arrived.

2019-04-20, 15:33 PM

Hello and welcome,


I don't think I've ever tried turning on a new ThinkPad before plugging it in, so no idea if it's normal or not.  It would be useful to know if others have had a similar experience.


To ship with the battery half charged, and disabled via the BIOS switch (if a P1 has such) seems reasonable - although I can't say if  that's how it is done these days.  I can say that if the battery has been disabled, plugging in AC power re-enables it.  That's normal.


Sorry about the useless reply, but I'd like to know too.



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Re: Help. Opinions needed. New thinkpad p1 arrived.

2019-04-20, 15:47 PM

It is absolutely normal and it must ship that way.  After assembly and test the internal battery is switched off the way you would do it via the BIOS before servicing..  The battery is logically disconnected until A/C is attached.  This is to guard against the machine being accidently switched on during transit or during a Customs inspection.


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This helped me too


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Re: Help. Opinions needed. New thinkpad p1 arrived.

2019-04-27, 1:13 AM
I can confirm that my P1 did not switch on straight out of the box, either. Plugged in the charger and it was all fine. I was scratching my head at how the battery would have been dead flat out of the box, but now I know.

Haven't had a minute of trouble since I first turned it on. Love this laptop. :)
ThinkPad P1: i7-8850H, P2000, FHD, 32GB, 512GB.

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Re: Help. Opinions needed. New thinkpad p1 arrived.

2019-04-27, 8:27 AM

I was scratching my head as well when I received mine and it would not turn on. After plugging in the charger for a few hours it started up and that was it. No issues since.

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