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How can I support more than one external display on a W510?


Will a W510 with docking station (p/n 4338) support more than 1 external display?  I would like to use laptop display and extend desktop to 2 external monitors. 


You can connect and use two external displays, but your laptop display will be disabled. If you want to use all three displays at the same time, one of the two external displays will need to be connected to the laptop via the Lenovo USB-to-DVI Monitor Adapter (P/N 45K5296).


Caveat:  (some experiences from those who have tried)


The image quality you get will be disappointing, and it takes a lot of CPU cycles, so your system overall will experience choppyness.   The color quality, very low refresh rate, and demands it puts on the USB bus and processor make this sub-optimal.




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rromine On 2010-12-21, 13:21 PM


The website states that with a W510 and 4338-20u you can use all three ports on the dock and you laptop. A total of four. Why does this not work?

jetpowercom On 2011-02-14, 18:05 PM

Associated question:  We're considering the 4338-20u for our W510 with nVidia Quadro FX 880M, driver version 188.25.  Will the dock's discrete video ports provide high-quality, reasonably performing, external dual-display (we don't need three) operation?  

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