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How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700



I just got my new Thinkpad W700 2757 CTO.  I want to make a clean hard disk image using Acronis TIH 2010 boot disk before I load anything on the machine.  However, I just cannot get the machine to boot from the CD.  I made the CD the fist boot device in the setup, and excluded the USB FDD.  The Win 7 just keep starting up normally.  What am I missing?


Your help/advice will be appreciated.

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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

I have stumbled across this a few times myself....can be very frustrating...especially when attempting to update the BIOS on a 64-bit system (CD ISO required).


A couple ways that I have been able to do it:

1)  Boot to BIOS....hit the ESC key to exit.  If you have the ODD listed first in the boot order, it should boot to that drive.

2)  F12 at the splash screen and select the ODD from the list.


I have seen it take more than once to work.




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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

Thank you for the quick response. I tried it and it did not work for me. I set the boot display to diagnostic and I find that the Intel Boot Agent comes in first, before any other device. I suspect that this is the reason for not being able to boot from the CD. I can get into Boot Agent's options during the startup (by pressing CTRL C) but there is no option to turn it off. I will do some research on this topic and report back if I find anything. Has anyone managed to boot from CD on a machine with Boot Agent?
Blue Screen Again
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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

I'm having the same problem and my patience is running out.  I have spent the last couple of hours trying every possible configuration to boot a cdrom (CD-R).  I have booted the same cdrom without any problem from an IBM thinkpad T40p.  I can also see the contents of the cdrom from within my windows 7 installation on this w700.  Mine is a 2757-cto as well.  I have tried your steps without success.  I have been on hold the entire time with your tech support line.  WTF?  Has anyone figured out what is up with this.  If I can't boot a cdrom, the factory restore disks are worthless.  Does anyone ever check to see if these things actually work?


Let me restate:

Does anyone know of a solution for a w700 2757-CTO that will allow me to boot a cdrom from the included DVDRAM drive?



Blue Screen Again
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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

Allright, if you have this problem there are only a few (haha) things that can be wrong:


1.  The BIOS is not setup up to allow booting from the dvdram drive or it's not the first one checked.

2.  The cdrom media you are using is incompatible with the drive or it isn't bootable.

3.  The optical drive is bad.

4.  The BIOS or system board is bad.


The first two are really the most common problems -- on any computer.  So here is the sequence to troubleshoot before you call tech support so you don't waste a lot of time:


1.  Get several bootable CDs that you know work.  I recommend using the factory recovery disk you have created as well as a cdrom that is a commercial one (say an old windows install disk).

2.  Next check that the BIOS is set up to allow booting from the dvdram drive.  

Reboot the computer and press F1 or whatever is needed to get into "Setup."  Once in there, look for the "Startup" option, then the "Boot" option.  You should be able to follow the on screen instructions to position the dvdram drive as the first bootable device.  While you are in here, record the version and date of the BIOS.  If you can't figure this out, get a friend to help you or call tech support.

2.  Save your settings and reboot.  The cdrom should boot.  If it doesn't, try rebooting again and press F12.  You should get a boot menu that allows you to select the device.  Try selecting the cdrom and see if it boots.  Try this sequence with each of the cdroms you selected in step 1.

3.  If none of that worked and you happen to have a compatible optical drive sitting around (or maybe a friend?) swap them out and repeat step 2.

4.  If you have gotten this far, congratulations, you have saved yourself some time and maybe some real heartache.  Can you imagine if this had happened when you were trying to restore your hard drive at some later time.  Like when trying to resell your laptop.  Or how about trying to boot a recovery disk in order to recover valuable data!!  Now put on your patience cap, call up tech support (be nice), and explain the procedure you just went through.  Expect them to ask you to reflash your BIOS.  Make sure you give them the version and date of your BIOS you recorded in step 2.  If the BIOS they want you to reflash with is the same version, what you're doing is most likely a waste of time.  Ask for a repair box or the phone number of a local certified warranty service provider.


Good luck,


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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

I know just enough to be dangerous so take that into consideration.


Have you tried recovering with the bios config for the sata drive(s) set to "Compatibility".


I have a continuing problem noted below but I have been able to boot in this mode.


I am going to jump over into this forum from another "won't boot from CD" forum because I have a sneaking suspicion that there is something going on here other than the normal problems.


I too just received a W700ds 2757-CTO in late January 2010. 


I accidentally ordered the computer configured as a raid0 when I wanted a raid1.  I realized this a week after ordering it 12/11/2009.  I called technical support and they said no problem just call when I received it.  Well I did just that, without going into the obvious details and have yet to get it to boot from a CD when the bios is set to RAID.  In fact the only way I have gotten it to boot - and I have tried about every combination of events I can think of - is to set the config raid to "Compatibility".  With the compatibility setting and the two disk set up as non-raid the system will pick up and build and appears to be a normal one-harddrive operating system.  The one thing I have not tried is to go back to a raid0 and see if it rebuilds.  I'm not sure what that would tell me even if it did.


I've recovered it now about 5 times because everytime you try to set up the raid it then has to be recovered.  The screen I always get to when it is not going to rebuild is the screen that lists the boot devices and has noted that no operating system was found.


I've talked to numberous Atlanta Tech support personnel and they set me new Lenovo Recovery Disks but they act just like the ones I built.  They also sent out a new CD-DVD rom drive but no change.


Is it possible that something was set at the factory that I cannot access that is causing this.


I believe that RAID0 disks don't have to "dynamic" disks but RAID1 disks do.  Everytime I use recovery disks - and even some created after I had set the hard drives to "dynamic" in windows 7 come up as "Basic".  How can I set these to dynamic before trying to create a RAID1 in the set up utility?


Thoughts on why it will only boot from the "Compatibility" mode?


Is there a way to get into more detail in the boot sequence to analyze or try something? Software - routines?


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



W700ds 2757-CTO
Token Ring
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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

Smiley HappySOLVED


It has taken 3 sessions with Lenovo support, but I can now boot from CD.  The trick for my machine was not only to ensure the proper boot order, but also change the BIOS setting: Config -> Serial ATA (SATA) -> SATA Controller Mode Options -> Compatibility (from AHCI).  When this is done, the machine boots from CD.


I have no idea what this latter setting does, and why is is not documented in the instructions for using factory recovery CDs.  I made sure to correct the instructions on my set of CDs.  If someone knows the answer, please let me know.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

Interesting Charles10.  Thanks for posting that.  Changing that BIOS setting to compatibility mode allows me to boot from the cdrom but then when I boot from the hard drive I get an immediate blue screen.  In fact, the behavior is perfectly described here:

Enabling AHCI or RAID after installing the operating system is not recommended or supported


This is not a solution for my case because the vendor clearly doesn't support changing the setting after the OS is installed.


What's strange is that the computer already had AHCI enabled and I (presumably) disabled it by going to compatibility mode.  Switching the BIOS setting back to AHCI restores the system to the original behavior.  However, Windows detects "a problem" and wants to do a repair before booting.  Now I can boot windows 7 but not the cdrom. 


Just for fun, I changed the setting to RAID (I don't have a raid system) and rebooted just to see what happened.  Setting it to RAID allows Windows 7 to boot, however, I'm still unable to boot a cdrom.

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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

This might be relevant for someone, who knows?


I found another possible workaround after I'd been playing around with an W700 for my post here


BIOS defaults except the ODD as first boot device.


With the boot cd in the ODD I pressed the blue ThinkVantage button after turning the system on, this will probably only work with a factory install, and after it had booted into R&R I selected the advanced version and then simply restart. The system restarted and booted from the cd. I repeated this 3 times to be sure it wasn't a fluke.


After booting to Windows and then shutting down, the system would not boot from cd with the exact same BIOS settings.



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Re: How to boot from CD - Thinkpad 700

I had a bad CD/DVD drive.  Lenevo took care of it.  Working as expected now. Smiley Very Happy

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