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How to eject USB drive from Mini Dock and W530?

I have set up my Mini-Dock with USB3 and my W530 laptop.  I plan to have a USB 3 drive attached for weekly backups.  Normally, I would plug the drive into the laptop, but the Mini Dock has a USB 3 port on the back.


This is probably a silly question, but I'm wondering if I need to "eject" the USB3 drive before I remove the W530 from the docking station?  It seems logical to me that I need to do so, but maybe I'm missing something?


I guess this applies to any memory stick that might be connected to the Mini Dock. 




As a follow-up question, it has always been suggested that some USB components be connected directly to a PC, and not to any kind of "remote hub".  Is there any reason to connect drives directly to the laptop, rather than to go through the Mini Dock?

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Re: How to eject USB drive from Mini Dock and W530?

The need to be ejected is recorded in the device description and independent of the connection type, e.g. usb2 or usb3.

When you look at the ejection icon you'll find your drive there. If you don't find it there, it does not need to be explicitly ejected and can be removed witout being ejected in advance. Device Manager will show you the requirement.

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