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How to upgrade to Office 2010?

Hi Folks,


I purchased my W510 with Office 2007 pro (with an option to upgrade to 2010 when it becomes available).  There is no documentation or instructions regarding this.  How is one notified when and where the upgrade will be availible?




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Re: How to upgrade to Office 2010?

when Microsoft announces the official release. 


Jin Li

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Re: How to upgrade to Office 2010?

I believe that office 2010 is now released; however, I am still not certain how to upgrade. I have checked the Lenovo site and Microsoft Office site with no luck. Also, I do not think I receive any e-mail notifications about how to upgrade. Any ideas?

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Re: How to upgrade to Office 2010?

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You can find some information and instructions from Microsoft using the link below. If you are eligible and follow the instruction you should get a free upgrade to Office 2010.



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Re: How to upgrade to Office 2010?

This upgrade was a real boondoggle, if you ask me. You buy 2007 with the understanding that you can upgrade but then you're on your own. No information or help offered, not from Lenovo, not from Microsoft (of course). Now the upgrade offer has expired. Why? Isn't Office 2010 still the current version? If Microsoft thinks I'm going to fork out more money for something I was told I would be entitled to for free (though, unbeknownst to me, only if I remembered in the middle of everything else I needed to do that I had to remember to watch for and chase down this elusive offer), they can think again. I'm somewhat reassured to see that the improvements in Office 2010 over 2007 are probably negligible for what I do, but after this it's no more MS for me.

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