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Blue Screen Again
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International warranty

Hello Everyone!


I am about to buy a Thinkpad P52 for my studies of VFX, animation, 3D and digital art, but i have some questions about the Lenovo warranties.


I am from Italy, and next week i am going to the US to visit my family, and i want to buy it there, because for the same price I can have a much higher configuration than if i buy it in Italy. 


The thing that worries me is the warranty, because how i will use it in Italy i am very worried about the Lenovo international warranty, its a very expensive laptop and i want to avoid any extra charges regarding repairs or problems. 

 when i am configuring the laptop there is an option called “international upgrade” that states: 


“Extend your coverage to applicable optional services, including Sealed Battery Warranty, Keep Your Drive, and Accidental Damage Protection when traveling outside of your home country.”


 So, I don’t understand very well how that works, it is just for traveling? Or for the extra services only? 

Or will make the warranty work normally in Italy?

On-site or Depot Service works internationally?


Also, if for example, i buy it with just 1 year of warranty, next year can I buy more warranty but from Italy to hace access to full services?



Does anyone have experience with this?

I will appreciate any help, because I need to buy it as soon as possible.


Thank you, and I am looking forward for your answers! Smiley Happy


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Re: International warranty

Maybe the below will help you.


Section 6.2 D.10 Page 4 has international warranty upgrade information.


Section 6.2 A Page 3 shows how long you have to buy the extension.


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