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Re: Is my P50 battery wearing down too fast?

Battery aging also depends on time, and the actual vendor of the cells (or at least it used to before, when the cells can be Sanyo/Panasonic/.../ some other vendor, which all age differently), temperature, and many other factors. Mine went from 96Wh to 77Wh over a year and ~180 cycles, and it's pretty much in line with other Lenovo laptops I've used.


However, counting battery cycles, and taking special care, is counter-productive, as it is a wear-and-tear item. Indeed, if a battery is non-replaceable, worse yet if the laptop can't be even disassembled w/o special tools (like MS Surface, for example), degradation of battery performance effectively limits the usefulness of the whole $1000+ device. Luckily, P70/P50 Lenovo Workstations are still with replaceable battery, so all these worries are really over $80 worth piece of hardware.


Just use it, and replace when the battery life becomes unacceptable.



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