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What's DOS?
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Is this 70++ battery counterfeit?

I purchased a 70++ battery from ebay and although it looks genuine, there are a couple of red flags.


  • Model number is reported in software as 45N1001 instead of the value on the label 45N1006/45N1007
  • The top surface is bumpy/not quite flat as the cells are only covered by the sticker and not a solid surface like the 55++
  • The font of the barcode is different than my original 55++ (new model, could be different)
  • Box it was packaged in had a label that says "Flyten" - no where on it does it say Lenovo or Sanyo

Any ideas here or am I just being paranoid about ebay sellers? I try to be extra careful with batteries.


Pictures of box and battery attached. The 55++ is my original, the 70++ is the 'new' one from ebay.IMG_3147.heic.jpgIMG_3145.heic.jpg

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Re: Is this 70++ battery counterfeit?

Hello and welcome to the Community

No doubt, it's a counterfeit. At least restuck, the case looks as original but in general (labels, bar code, symbols and their combinations...) it's a fake, not a refurbished battery but a fake. Who knows what is inside (I mean the cells).

Sorry, I can't share the attributes of Lenovo genuine batteries.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Is this 70++ battery counterfeit?

Thanks for the confirmation, I'm too paranoid about batteries to use a battery from unknown sources.
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Re: Is this 70++ battery counterfeit?

The battery is likely a fake. My Lenovo batter states, "Lenovo Thailand Limited". Somehow it is comforting to see made in Thailand rather than China, in this particular case. AF5

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