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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Diagnosis error code U18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A after update to Bios to v.2.21 on Thinkpad P70

I made the Bios update as per the rules: connected to electric supply, battery full but unable to boot the Thinkpad anymore.

Serial: PC0B4EK3, model:


Furthermore, I introduced  twice a service support request as my Thinkpad is still under waranty to Lenovo Managed Technical Support Acceess under references 405PHZY and 405NS8D. I received replies from but when I try to reply to those mails they all bounce back!



  Error transferring to; Maximum hop count exceeded.  Message probably in a routing loop.


Reporting-MTA: dns; Final-Recipient: rfc822;<> Action: failed Status: 5.0.0 Remote-MTA: smtp; Diagnostic-Code: X-Notes; Error transferring to IBM.COM; Maximum hop count exceeded. Message probably in a routing lo op.

Assistance would highly be


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Re: Lenovo Diagnosis error code U18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A after update to Bios to v.2.21 on Thinkpad P70

Remember that this isn't an official Lenovo Support forum dealing with official support tickets.


It is a Lenovo community forum, inhabited by Lenovo "users" who ask questions and other users who provide answers.  Typically these are issues which affect many users, and have either been asked about before and for which existing answers or solutions are known, or might be new issues that others with some prior experience might be able to help out with.


However it is also 'monitored" by Lenovo support in order to spot genuine issues that are rooted in hardware or firmware, and which could have a much more significant cause.


But official support tickets opened with Lenovo are really for the official support channels.  Here in the US all email communication generated from the process of opening a support ticket is generally "from" an address that starts with NOREPLY clearly implying that there's not supposed to be any reply sent from you to that email address.  There would be no expectation that doing so would have any success, even if not "bounced".  These are simply automated emails, sent out with details inside that provide ticket number, phone numbers to call for additional questions or information, or other internal reference numbers involved with ongoing ticket support, etc. 


In other words, I'm not surprised that your reply to the email you received didn't make it to the expected "support" recipient, which is likely an unmanned automated email address.  I'm really only surprised that it isn't the "noreply" as it is here in the US.


Anyway, regarding BIOS 2.21 update for your P70 and the diagnosis error code you're receiving, I cannot provide any information for you.  I have my own P70 with 2.21 installed and have run the "quick" set of diagnostics, with no errors. I'm currently running the "complete" set of full diagnostics which takes much longer (specifically, the "random number sequence" memory test takes FOREVER!) and will post my results later.  But for now no issues.


Specifically WHICH test was running that produced your U18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A diagnostic error code?



As far as 2.21 in general, there has been some discussion here over the past few months regarding how the machine seems to behave differently starting with 2.20, insofar as its interaction with external USB devices being present or not at boot time.


My own experience is that if I have a USB 3.0 external HDD device (i.e. my 2TB external USB 3.0 backup drive which does NOT contain a bootable partition, but it does have partitions and appears as USB HDD to the BIOS) connected and powered on, that the machine takes maybe a minute or longer to "probe" or doing whatever it's now doing to investigate attached USB devices, before the normal boot process continues and I get to Windows Boot Manager.


Same if I even have just a 4GB USB 2.0 flash drive inserted (say I want to boot from it, as it contains a standalone bootable WInPE system with Macrium Reflect on it), and is non-partitioned so that it appears as USB FDD to the BIOS.  Again, for no obvious reason an extra minute or so is taken seemingly doing nothing, before actually continuing with the expected booting process from the USB FDD flash drive.


In both of these situations, after the minute or so of "pure CPU" and no LED activity, then the drive activity LED starts flashing rapidly for a while, and eventually the boot process resumes.  If I simply remove the USB flash drive, or power off the external USB backup drive, the boot process starts and instantly proceeds normally to Boot Manager from my internal Samsung 950 Pro NVMe boot drive.


Backing off the BIOS from 2.21 to the previous 2.20 didn't solve the problem, but backing off to 2.19 did.  Looking at the README for 2.20 it appears Lenovo added some code specifically involved with USB, so I strongly suspect it was 2.20 (rather than 2.21) that is officially and fully responsible for this new anomalous boot behavior when an external USB drive is detected as present.


I have simply learned to put up with this extra minute or more of boot time (which is not done very often anyway) if I forget to power off my external USB backup drive when booting (i.e. it was still electrically powered on, but spun down in an idle state, from its last use when the P70 was active).  I want to keep 2.21 installed for its Spectre/Meltdown fix.


I have reported this "super slow boot" anomaly on this forum in another thread. but aside from discussion on the thread itself so far there's been no technical explanation or resolution from Lenovo with a new BIOS update.

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Re: Lenovo Diagnosis error code U18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A after update to Bios to v.2.21 on Thinkpad P70

All completed now.  No problems found.


Note that there was a diagnostic message code in the top-right of the Solution Center window, with a little "i" button next to it.  I pushed that button to get additional interpretation of the message code, which turned out to be nothing really significant since my diagnostic tests had produced 100% clean results.




Does your error code also appear in the upper-right of your window?  Is there an "i" next to it?  If so, did you push it and get any detailed descriptive popup as I did?


Again, which one of the diagnostic tests listed produced this error message on your P70?


Can you also please provide details of your P70's hardware and OS... display screen, graphics, CPU, memory, drive(s), Win7 or Win10, etc.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Diagnosis error code U18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A after update to Bios to v.2.21 on Thinkpad P70

Hello DSperber,


Many thanks for your reply.


As far as support mail is concerned the same issues seem to appear in the US as here on the "Old continent". Share-holder's value is soo crucial that,  even under waranty, support simply does not function.  The product got sold, where's the headache! 

It is a general trend with big companies as they seem to loose control of their own core activity, even reputable names like Lenovo.

In my case it is not a no-reply mail, it is a reply sent to support of Lenovo, now apparently outsourced to improve the service :-) :-)


The replies come from:, I think IBM sold Lenovo for more than 5 years already but apparently they are still liased.


I came to the same conclusion as you.

I remember that upon the upgrade "strongly recommended by Lenovo to do without any delay" I had a device that is USB3 that was connected (but probably not even switched on). The hickup came from there most probably and, as you say, Lenovo seems to have wiped out 2.2 to replace it by 2.21 they also know that their was some "inapropriate dynamite" in their Bios upgrade. Not fair, versus customers but apprently: who cares! 



I got the diagnose codeU 18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A from the Lenovo Diagnosis that you can do upon (failing) startup by pressing F10. At least that is what (the automated Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy support advisor told me to do :-) :-)


I think that indeed I better roll back to the Bios 2.19 but I don't have a clew how to proceed...


Many thanks against for your assitance

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Diagnosis error code U18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A after update to Bios to v.2.21 on Thinkpad P70

Many thanks for the support but unfortunately I am unable to get any further than, after pressing enter to interrupt normal startup I get "automaticly repairing your pc" that leads to not being able to repair and then I get various options within a "Win 10 alike look", that even allows me to configure the bios but this goes beyond my expertise.

The Lenovo Solution Center is not accessible. Only a Dos-alike Lenovo diagnosis software that tells me that everything works fine but that gives met the error code mentioned before.


The P70 I have,is still under two year waranty, most of the characteristics are not available as I cannot acces them. I made a screenshot upon Lenovo Duiagnositcs of system information. It said:


ThinkPad P70   (not the cheapest in town, hé)

Product Name: 20ERCT01WW

Build time: 12/13/17 '(as far as I remember thhe date of the Bios 2.2 release)

CPU Intel Core i7 - 6700HQ @ 2,60GHz

16384 MB RAM passed

1024 KB L2 Cache

Bios version: N1DET95W (2.21) 

System Bios: shadowed

Video Bios: shadowed


Win 10 Pro as OS (updated regularly)


Frustrated user is an extra valuable input but probably not very usefull.  If ever someone knows a non automated/non-bouncing support e-mail adress I am willing to persevere in that direction to as this Bios issue is really damaging my work a lot.

Many thanks in advance!


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Re: Lenovo Diagnosis error code U18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A after update to Bios to v.2.21 on Thinkpad P70

Theoretically, when you see the red "Lenovo" logo with the "press enter to interrupt..." message below it, pressing ENTER (perhaps repeatedly) should get an intermediate gray menu, with ESC, F1, etc. choices presented, to take the assorted actions described in a phrase next to the PF-key name.


This may or may not work.


What SHOULD work more reliably at machine boot time is the repeated pressing of F1, which should get you straight into the BIOS Setup utility, if that's where you wanted to go (and assuming the BIOS is still functioning on the machine and not itself corrupted).


Also, if you repeatedly press F12 this should get you straight into the Boot device menu (similar to the Startup tab in the BIOS), listing all bootable devices detected so that you can now manually navigate to the one you actually want the machine to boot to.  If your P70 has an optical drive, it should appear on the list.  Your internal hard drive should appear on the list.  If you have a bootable USB flash drive inserted, that should appear on the list.


As far as re-flashing the BIOS back to 2.19, when you currently are having problems getting the machine to start, I hope you have another machine you can use.  The goal is to burn the ISO for the 2.19 BIOS installer to a CD, and then use that CD in your P70 to boot to it. This is the software which will install back-level BIOS 2.19 to your P70, and hopefully get your stability and usability back.


This is the support page regarding install of the BIOS for the P70.  The links shown at the top of the page are for current 2.21.  But if you scroll down toward the bottom of the page, you'll see links for all available older legacy versions of the BIOS, including links for the 2.19 version... both to download the 2.19 ISO file, as well as for the related 2.19 README.


So, using your second machine, download the 2.19 ISO file and burn it to CD.  You should also download the README and at least read it, if not print it for usable reference.


Then, back at your P70, insert the CD and boot the machine.  Hopefully it should boot to the CD directly without any of your involvement, and present the BIOS update utility onscreen (I believe you would choose option 2 to begin the process).  If the P70 doesn't boot directly to the CD, try repeatedly pressing F12 at machine boot as I described earlier, and hopefully you will be presented with a boot device menu from which you can choose your optical CD drive.


If you have no optical drive on your P70 it is possible to use a 3rd-party utility (like RUFUS) which can use the very same ISO files intended for burning to create bootable optical CD and instead create a bootable USB flash drive from those ISO files.  Very useful if you don't have an optical drive to boot from.  Anyway, again, your P70 should just boot from the inserted bootable USB flash drive and present the same 2.19 BIOS flash utiltiy home screen.  But again, if this doesn't happen, repeatedly press F12 at machine boot and hopefully you'll get that same Boot device list menu screen and can choose the inserted bootable USB flash drive, and will be able to reinstall BIOS 2.19.


Good luck.

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Re: Lenovo Diagnosis error code U18EJBA8A-8Q6H4A after update to Bios to v.2.21 on Thinkpad P70

P.S. - as your P70 is still under warranty, worst case just phone Lenovo support to get a ticket opened to get an onsite technician to come to your home to repair the problem.  This will either consist of a new motherboard, or at least an attempt to re-flash the BIOS on your existing motherboard using one of the techniques I've described above.


If you don't have "onsite" warranty service they may want you to take your laptop to a Lenovo depot, or perhaps to mail it to a depot.  But if it's under warranty then this "blown BIOS" situation where the machine has become unusable, it is a "covered" warranty situation.

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