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Fanfold Paper
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(Lenovo P50) Dramatic shortened battery life

Hi Guys,


I'm very fine with my P50 (4k-Screen, Modell: 20EQS00600). Everything is great except battery life.


Before I upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary, I had a battery life for about 7 hours which was great for a power machine like this. After upgrading to it, my battery life is now about 3 Hours and I didn't change anything. My workload is also the same. There is also no process in the background which is killing the battery and the Intel graphic chip is working fine.


I absolutly have no clue what I can do. But honestly, I don't want to reinstall, because this would take ages.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: (Lenovo P50) Dramatic shortened battery life

I am curious about this as well.  I have noticed that my full charge capacity is now at 80 Wh out of 90 and have only had this laptop for 5 months.  Max battery is now at 4 hours, even in power saver with minimal background tasks.

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Re: (Lenovo P50) Dramatic shortened battery life

I experienced something very similar too:


Can you install a program like BatteryInfoView and HWInfo and report your battery usage rate? Additionally, try restarting your computer and see if things return to normal.

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Re: (Lenovo P50) Dramatic shortened battery life

Before the anniversary update the P50 would pull about 4WHr from the battery when idle and screen visible.

After the update it is 17WHr for long periods and the HDD activity led continually flashes.
What's DOS?
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Re: (Lenovo P50) Dramatic shortened battery life

My battery life has dramatically decreased also... someone must know the answer to this! 

Punch Card
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Re: (Lenovo P50) Dramatic shortened battery life


Have any of you with this battery issue checked your BIOS to see if speed step is active, that may account for some battery inefficientties.


Also ,go into Lenovo Vantage application and ,go to power setting > Battery Gauge Reset and run that utility and see if you get better results. 


Within the same page is the Battery Charge threshold setting that help preserve battery life by stopping charging before ,100%, I have mine set to 85% (the recommended setting), do this after Battery gauge Rest procedure.


While you are in Vantage open windows 10 power settings and make sure you are using ba,lanced power setting or power saving for battery power options and balanced or better for AC mode.


My battery is now rated at 81.6 ,Wh probably quite an average reading, ,I could probab,ly do the above and get better results myse,lf, but I spend 99% attached to AC my interest is mostly now preserving the battery for as long as possib,le for those rare occaisions I need the battery to power my P50.


Running Intel XTU and undervolting the CPU, replacing the stock thermal paste with something better and turning down fan activity in setting are all valid power saving options.

What's DOS?
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Re: (Lenovo P50) Dramatic shortened battery life

I know I'm necroing an old-ish thread here, but check Task Manager and see if something is eating up CPU usage. I had a similar thing happen on my X220, and it was Runtime Broker and associated processes. Check this link.

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