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Paper Tape
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Lenovo ThinkPad p52 upgrade

If I buy a laptop thinkpad p52 with IDE HDD 1TB and 32GB RAM (one ship), Can I upgrade it later by adding 2 solid state drives PCIe-NVMe 2TB and 3 ships (32GB RAM) to reach to 128GB RAM?
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo ThinkPad p52 upgrade

Someone can correct me if wrong but I don't see how the solid state drives have anything to do with ram.  But yes I think it's no problem adding the 2 drives you mention.  One thing to remember is that the regular 2.5" sata drive (ie not one of the 2 NVMe drives) requires a cable.  If you purchase new with a 2.5" drive then it's included but otherwise you would have to buy it separately. 


I am in another thread here currently about the 128gb ram issue and nobody seems to know the answer.  All we know for sure is that you can order the 128gb up front (initially) but whether or not you can update to that later is not clear.  Lenovo themselves need to answer this.

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