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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎07-30-2012
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Lenovo Toolbox errors on W500 with XP 32 bit

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I'm receiving repeated Windows errors that the Lenovo toolbox has stopped working.  After a night of sitting I'll have a pile of these messages to close down.  Based on an older post on the same subject I've disabled the automatic tasks that run PC-Doctor, and I think this is what is causing the errors.

I'm assuming that software must have become corrupted.  I'd like to reinstall it on my system, but can't figrue out where to get it.


I tried downloading and re-installing the ThinkVantage productivity center, but that didn't help.

Does anyone know where I can download or find this app to reinstall, or have other suggestions?



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Re: Lenovo Toolbox errors on W500 with XP 32 bit

[ Edited ]

Hi glenncooper:


My guess as to why you're getting Windows errors is that Windows has updated and PC-Doctor  has not, because Lenovo no longer supports PC-Doctor and Lenovo Toolbox has been replaced with ThinkVantage Tools.  You may be able to purchase a newer version of PC-Doctor elsewhere as all support has moved away from that and toward Thinkvantage.  I would recommend updating to the ThinkVantage software. 


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