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Lenovo W530 RAM upgrade with blank modules?

I'm looking to buy rurfurbished lenovo W530 that comes with 8GB RAM & can be upgraded to 12GB by the seller.  I would like to upgrade to 32GB RAM by my self & have seen videos on how to do this. (2 slots under laptop & 2 slots under keyboard).

But I have read that there could be blank modules in some models & removing them will damage the motherboard.

Is this true? If so why? And how can they be removed without mobo damage?

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo W530 RAM upgrade with blank modules?

Your machine specs:


Dual core is 16GB max. 2 memory slots.

Quad core is 32 GB max. 4 memory slots.

If machine has two 4GB sticks, you would need to remove at least 1 stick for upgrade. (Again slots available depends on Dual core or Quad core).


Warranty: If you damage machine during memory change, not covered.

Just take your time and do it slow. 


This is not your machine...just general idea of what to do.


Page 72,73 of HMM shows memory slots:


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Re: Lenovo W530 RAM upgrade with blank modules?

Some W530 machines have dual core machines.  (most have quad)  Dual core machines can only use 2 sticks.  Normally, those are the ones that come with removable spacers


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