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Lenovo repair screwed me again

My 2nd P70 and things aren't better


Please don't buy a P70 if you have to rely on 1 system - I am officially done with lenovo and any future products that they create (same with my studio and professional friends who followed my issues because they were thinking about buying the same system) - I understand issues at times but the repetitiveness of these issues and the time it takes for no resolution is absurd.


I'd write more but i'm to upset so I figured I just write down the dates and link to the forms were it all started


July 28th (get my computer)

June 1st (phone-in to get onsite repair of a new screen - service tech was complaining that there system kept going down but I will have someone come out as soon as they get the part - whole month of june it was hold for parts would get phone calls but no emails on the 27th the service techs started to try and come out but they were sent the wrong screen, left my laptop separated on my kitchen table, had to take time off work for them)


August 9th ( sent in my computer service depot)

August 17th (get my computer back)

Everything seemed livable except there was pop sound every time I opened and closed my lid and a hinge was loose, and there was light leaking from under the bezel - I was gonna live with it because I needed it to get some work done --  until the screen popped out, the popping noise apparently was due to the fact that screen wasn’t seated correctly or the lid was bent by the repair depot or the service tech (this took a week or two for me to figure out since I was so busy)


Sept 3rd (sent it back in)

Sept 20th ( got my computer back with the same issue - not sure what was changed)

Sept 24th - it got back to the dept


Where it has lived and still lives


103 days waiting for my laptop to get fixed (not the including the 2 days it took me to call after it was shipped to my house)


I have been 75 days without a laptop laptop *if you include the 18 days were I tried to live with the issues


This is where my hell started

who knows where it ends

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Re: Lenovo repair screwed me again

What a horrible experience! Yea i realized that Lenovo technical support is bad at responding comparing to Dell ( don't wanna say Dell is good but better than Lenovo. They at least send followup or update emails frequently. But i can't expect that from Lenovo).


How does your repair go? 



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Re: Lenovo repair screwed me again

about 8+  "fixes" and 4-5ish months later they gave me my money back after complainging to the BBB twice "had to complain when I was calling in daily being told they had no eta, after 4 weeks of waiting and offering me no resolution"  apparently they couldnt figure out how to keep the screen from falling out of the bezel on the 4,000 P70  ** yes the laptop would fall apart


im staying away from lenvo and so are my friends 


what made everything unbarrable is that there US repair center never had parts and had to wait for them oversees everytime 

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