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Since I've started using this laptop I've had a problem when using Microsoft Word or Outlook 2007 or 2010 (with Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit). I can type and use the mouse until I press the Enter key for the first time. After that I can not use the mouse to position the cursor, select text or even right click on the text.


In order to get the functionality back I have to restart Microsoft Word/Outlook. I've searched on the web and I've found a common scenario... others with the same problem all seem to be using a Lenovo desktop and someone mentioned the ThinkVantage Security Suite as the cause, even though I have been unable to find the solution.


Unchecked the "Enable Hot Key" in Password Manager > Set Preference did the trick, however, what is the permanent fix instead of disabling this?


Please download this css patch from this hints and tips:

Patch to fix compatibility issue between Client Security Solution 8.3 and Microsoft Office 2007 - W...


The patch is advertised for fixing compatibility issue of Client Security Solution & Password Manager.


Note: The fix only applies to Password Manager 3.20.0320.00. Version lower or higher than 3.20.0320.00 DO NOT Need to install this patch


Users who have issue with mouse cursor when using Microsoft Office 2007 can apply the patch. It is also known that some users have it fixed for Microsoft Office 2010 too.


To make it easier, here are the direct links to the files:


Win 7 32bit: Download Patch

Win 7 64biit: Download Patch


For instruction files in .txt, please access the hints and tips document as mentioned earlier.

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