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Fanfold Paper
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NVMe Question - Finally ordered a P50 (Thanks for all the advice) - One last, quick question

Hi folks, 


After several weeks of research and contemplation, I finally decided to order a P50.  I'm excited for it's forthcoming arrival (hopefully by the end of the week).


I had a quick question regarding an SSD install.  I've read several of the threads about it and I just wanted to clarify before it arrives.  I've ordered a 512gb Samsung NVMe M.2 drive from newegg.  I've also already acquired the m.2 mounts/brackets from lenovo.


Can I just install the new drive, remove the stock (500gb hd) and do a clean install of windows via a thumb drive/rufus or will I run into trouble with the P50 recognizing it?  I'd rather do a fresh install and not clone them if possible.


Thanks for all of the help.  I'm really looking forward to getting this machine configured and operational.


The configuration I ended up going with is as follows:


- FHD (non-touch)

- Xeon/M2000M

- 500gb hd (ordered the samsung NVMe and 2tb samsung hd to replace the 500gb hd)

- 64gb non-ECC (I was going to upgrade this later but with the discount portal it was way less than aftermarket)

- color calibrator (ehh)

- backlit keyboard


I'll hopefully get a docking station in the near future but need to do a bit more research on that front.  

Punch Card
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Re: NVMe Question - Finally ordered a P50 (Thanks for all the advice) - One last, quick question

I did a clean install to a new NVMe drive when I got my P50. I did it with Windows 10 on thumb drive. I didn't even have to enter the product key. It was completely painless. Good luck!

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