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New 382.05 WHQL NVDIA M5000M Driver Problems in Win 10

In a recent Windows Update, Microsoft pushed a new NVIDIA driver out - 382.05, WHQL certified.


It has rendered the P70 unable extend monitors, docked or undocked. The login happens normally on the laptop LCD screen, but immediately after, it tries to spin up the desktop on the second monitor about three times, then the monitor goes black and the full desktop shows on the laptop screen and I get a "Display driver has failed... Using Basic Display Driver..." notification. This is in 'Hybrid Mode'.


With the previous Latest Lenovo driver from the website (376.91) if I disabled and enabled, one at a time, first the NVIDIA card then the Intel P530, I can get both monitors back. Weird.


In 'Discrete Mode' same chain but, after logging in, both screens go black with a cursor. Driver reset (Shift-Control-Win-B) causes the cursor to disappear and come back, but still no desktop.


I have confirmed this by removing 382.05 and reinstalling the official Lenovo driver -- twice. DisplayPort, HDM and MiniDP(no converter) all behave similarly, also with different monitors.


Anyone else experiencng this or have any suggestions?



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Re: New 382.05 WHQL NVDIA M5000M Driver Problems in Win 10

Nvidia release note for driver 382.05 (downloadable from says the following:

Beginning with the Release 378, the NVIDIA professional drivers no longer support

the following NVIDIA Quadro products:

QuadroQuadro Blade/Embedded Quadro Notebook

Quadro Plex 7000 Quadro 4000M Quadro 5010M

Quadro 6000 Quadro 3000M Quadro 5000M

Quadro 5000 Quadro 100M Quadro 4000M

Quadro 4000 Quadro 500M Quadro 3000M

Quadro 2000 Quadro 2000M

Quadro 2000 D Quadro 1000M

Quadro 600

The NVIDIA support team will continue to address critical driver issues for these

products in Release 375 through March 1, 2018. However, future driver enhancements

and optimizations in driver releases after Release 375 will not support these products.





Sorry guys. My answer does not exactly relate to the question (overlooked M5000M is not 5000M).

M5000M should work with driver 382.5. (It works with M2200M on my P51.) 


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Re: New 382.05 WHQL NVDIA M5000M Driver Problems in Win 10


Right now I am using 382.5 with my P50 M2000M and it works prefect. I use HDMI with WQHD monitor in nvidia optimus mode.  However I did not get it from lenovo site because one of Lenovo  drivers make my device noisy and hot. All drivers  get installed by WIndows update after FRESH install.  It solved Fan issue for me.  So the actual issue might be in mix of GFX driver by windows update and another  driver from Lenovo site.

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Re: New 382.05 WHQL NVDIA M5000M Driver Problems in Win 10

5000M is *Fermi*  (Last genertion). M5000M is *Maxwell* (Recent but not Pascal generation). 


Very confusing :-) I asked about the Release note a in these forums a month ago and this was pointed out.

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