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Token Ring
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Re: w510 & Squeal

Yeah, my current system board used to squeal a lot, it was very annoying. A few months ago, I updated a whole bunch of things, and now it doesn't make any noise at all. I wish I knew specifically what it was, I assumed it was the power manager (I just checked, and I am at 3.30) -- but maybe it was something else. I've heard that turning off the power management in the BIOS (i.e., always running at max performance) does the trick for some people -- (which I've done), but not sure if that was it. I do know I've given up on this laptop being used frequently without power -- i.e., I think of it as a portable more than a real laptop, so turning off all the battery life stuff in the bios is not a big issue for me as it is for some...
Fanfold Paper
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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

[ Edited ]

Do you have the dual or quad core CPU?

Token Ring
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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

Quad. i7-Q720
Paper Tape
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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

Hi there,


I faced same issue as many of others here. I noticed that something is not ok after first day at work, say after 6 hours. With little of concentration I realized that the notebook sqeals around CPU/GPU area.

I went to Lenovo certified service next day asking them, if this behavoir is normal or I got bad piece. The service guy did a single hearing, shrug his shoulders and offerd me to try his X201. It was same story !!!

I came back home with frustration in my head, that after a month of finding new notebook for next couple of years, I have got expensive piece of HW which can't be used for daily work.


Fortunately I went accros this forum and was able to stop the sqeal in BIOS ... but dear engineers from Lenovo : other notebooks (e.g. DELL) with same CPU does not have such a behavior .... so where is the problem I ask ?????




(W510; Intel Core i7 820QM @ 1,73GHz - now only @ 2GHz)

Paper Tape
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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

I noticed this problem with a brand new W510 (i7-820QM) from day one: a high pitched intermittent sound, almost like morse code, most noticeable when on battery and in quiet environments. The person next to me on the couch could here it too.


Here's a recording, amplified to make it clearer:


The sound was so annoying I put the laptop away after an hour. It was absolutely pissing me off.


I found this and other forums and discovered the sound would go away when the CPU would not be idle (i.e. playing music with speaker muted). Disabling power management in the BIOS helped as well, but the decreased battery lifetime made this an unacceptable option for me. Disabling 'Deep Sleep' in the Power Manager didn't seem to help for me. I also upgraded the BIOS (to 1.34), Power Manager (to 3.31) and the NVIDIA drivers (to 260.99): didn't help.


I sent it to Lenovo's Service Center and since then got very frustrated with the speed and service they helped me with. It has been two weeks and I still don't have my laptop back. I have been on the phone with them almost daily, but they would/could not help in getting me a new laptop.


Yesterday I called Lenovo to cancel the whole thing. The laptop is going back to the reseller and I am getting a refund.


I am extremely disappointed with Lenovo. I was expecting high quality hardware for my 2500 euro and professional customer service.


Paper Tape
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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

My wife is complaining about the noise on her new W510 w/ i7 820 processor.

It doesn't bother me, since I can't hear it Smiley Tongue

(being older does have some advantages)


Thanks for the recording...  She found it very irritating.


I really don't want to replace the machine...


Hopefully they will have a fix, other than disabling the Deep sleep.


How much battery time are you gaining with the Deeper Sleep option?

If the difference is negligible, then we can just disable the feature.



What's DOS?
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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

I have also bothered with this... No option to turn down any power saving features - the battery capacity on this (beside the issues) great laptop is not good from start of. The sound have reduced somewhat in intensity after getting all the software into the box, but still extremely annoying. The loud fan noise on my former HP was peanuts compared to this Smiley Sad


I will try for a warranty request on this after a periode.


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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

Dell Precision, HP Elitebook and others with i7 processors are affected. If possible, change processors (same type, but another 1), as production may not be 100% consistent. If you are lucky enough like me, you will be able to change to a processor with much softer whine/squeal sound or even no irritating sound at all.

(W510 4876-A11; Intel Core i7-720QM Quad Core)

Best Regards

Paper Tape
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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

I had the same problem with the 820QM - it is terrible.  I  am going to try a 920XM and see if the problem exists with that processor.

What's DOS?
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Re: New W510 - High Pitched Whine/Sqeal Using Battery

My workaround was to create a 4 hours long silent mp3 (encoded at bitrate 5 to reduce space) and to play that file with mplayer whenever I want to stop the whine.


This has several advantages over disabling CPU power management:


  • it does force the CPU to not go below power state C3 (creating the disturbing noise), which means the battery will be drained faster, but absolutely not as fast as removing power management by BIOS.
  • it doens't interfere with other audio playback processes or programs or even other istances of mplayer
  • it uses a very little part of the CPU, it's almost unnoticeable
  • You can stop it whenever you want (i.e. when on AC power) and have your laptop back at power state C4

On C3 CPU stabilizes itself on a temperature around 50 degree celsius (while on C4 may drop down to 40), but this is the price to pay for a quiet laptop.

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