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Re: New W530 - upgrade for a dummy - please help...

Hi Garfield,


What happens if you to to charms, power, restart?  Can you get to BIOS via F1 that way?


I believe it's normal for Windows 8 to lock out BIOS and boot menu options on "normal" start up.  Win 8 uses a sort of hibernate/resume instead of shut down/start up in the interest of fast booting.   You should be able to use F1 if you select restart - since that forces a full shut down and restart.



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Re: New W530 - upgrade for a dummy - please help...

Hallo Zoltan,


Sorry for the late reply Smiley Embarassed

Yes, via charms, power restart, I can acces BIOS while tapping F1.


But suppose some day something is terribly wrong with teh windows OS, how can I get into the Bios, knowing I FIRST must acces Windows in order to get at the Bios setting ?

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Re: New W530 - upgrade for a dummy - please help...

If something is wrong with Windows and you need to access the BIOS you can probably do so by forcing a shutdown. You can do this by holding in the power button until the machine turns off. Then turn the machine back on. 


Since that can corrupt data on your drive you wouldn't want to do this unless there was no other option. 

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Re: New W530 - upgrade for a dummy - please help...

Another method for Advanced start and accessing bios is by holding shift down and clicking "restart" on the power options menu.

Just a volunteer. Please post your questions in the forum, as I will not reply if they are sent in a personal message.

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