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P1 slow to calculate in excel



I recently took delivery of a new P1 with Xeon processor, 512 GBSSD, 32 GB ram. I am coming from a W540 with i7 which is 4 1/2 years old.  The P1 is current on all the drivers and  is not plugged into a hub. 


 My issue is that I do a lot of financial modeling in excel  and when I load calc intensive (30mb+) excel files the whole system slows down, the mouse becomes very slow to respond and it takes the P1 longer than my W540 to load and calculate. Excel says all 12 threads are working, the cooling fan is at full speed, and the CPU in the task manager says ~1GHz. I’ve searched on this forum and on the Internet to try and find this issue and possible solutions. Those that I found relate to drivers which I have attempted to update and then later roll back but it has not resolved my problems.  I’m curious if there are settings that I may not be aware of which I can change to increase processor speed. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much

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Re: P1 slow to calculate in excel

I'd suggest installing the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.  Use this to monitor the actual frequency and load on your processor.


I have seen various ThinkPads under rare circumstances where the Max Core Frequency does not exceed 1 GHz. So that would explain your slowdown...

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