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Fanfold Paper
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P43s battery life

I got a P43s recently.

The website advertise P43s as the following:


Battery for P43s:

  • Up to 15.4 hours* on 50Wh, includes Rapid Charge technology†
  • Up to 12 hours on a single one-hour charge


My battery guage tells me 5 hours at 95%.

It is quite disappointed!!!

I am a fan of thinkpad since 2002.

I used T40m,W500, W540, and P51s so far.

I won't expect ideal battery life but this 5 hours is so horrible..

This is a brand new laptop with a new battery!

I expected around 8 or 10 hours with new battery in P43s.

What is going on P43s!

Why lenovo advertise such long battery time such as upto 15.4 hours or 12 hours?

It is quite lower than ideal.

Did I miss something?

The customer service center said barry life depepnds on how I use....

This technical advise is useless.

Anyone has a new idea?


I completed battery reset.

5 hours are extended to 6 hours at 100%now.

It is still quite lower than the spefication posted.

 2 hours 35 min at 63% (balanced mode).

I do not know how to make 12 hours with this laptop and battery.

 As of Aug.17, 

I have been using P43s for 1 hour. 

The guage tells me 50% remaing but remaining time fluctuates between 1h 30min and 2 hours.

Seems like estimated remaining time may change at balaced mode.


I do not understand the gap between real battery remaining time and advertised time.

Also, I do  not understand why lenovo took out extra battery option. Now battery is built-in so we cannot use an extended battery.

P43s is not T 495 or X1 carbon...This is a P series, which is a professional laptop.

Battery time is very important.

Laptop is not an apple iphone X or galaxy S10.



Punch Card
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Re: P43s battery life

1. Make sure you do slide power option to "best battery life".

2. Lower the brightness of screen below 37% (150cd/m2).

3. Make sure hybrid graphics is enabled, and integrated VGA is used in battery mode.

4. If your screen resolution is larger than FHD, that battery life is quite normal.

5. If you do something else heavier than browsing websites/watching videos/writing articles, then any high percentage usage of CPU or GPU could signicantly kill your battery life. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: P43s battery life

I have never done what you suggested before.

If I should use saving mode like your suggestions,  lenovo should not advertise 15 or 12 hour battery life but be honest with the saving mode.







Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: P43s battery life

I would assume that a statement like "up to some number of hours",  would mean that you might get that many hours with the least-power-hungry hardware configuration, and the most stingy power settings.  To me, that would mean the slowest CPU, minimal memory, the least dense, lowest-brightness screen and no USB devices attached.  Power settings would include using integrated graphics , blanking the LCD after a short time and turning off wireless radios.


I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo.
What's DOS?
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Re: P43s battery life

I am planning to get the 1440p glossy display which is on sale with i7, 16gigs of ram and 512gigs of nvme storage. Do I expect a less than 5 hours of usage. (e.g. photoshop and premiere pro) by the way what is the P43s made of? is it magnesium alloy?

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