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Punch Card
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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

I am really counting my blessing. My P50 (base model without color scanner) from November 2016 (during black friday sale 2016) hasn't developed any hairline crack yet (knock on the wood). Like most of you, I rarely move my P50 since it came out of box. I have not even traveled with it either (I take X1 carbon on the go).


To this date, I am still wondering what steps Lenovo is taking to mitigate or to elimiate this build quality issue.

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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

@thinkmac wrote:

To this date, I am still wondering what steps Lenovo is taking to mitigate or to elimiate this build quality issue.

Based on what i've read so far one issue could be is that the palmrest did not rest properly near the finger print reader side and hence any pressure while using the f/p reader broke the plastic near the f/p reader. I can definitely feel the difference while using f/p reader before and after the palmrest was replaced.


Don't know about the cause of cracks at other locations.

What's DOS?
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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

My P51, which I bought ~4 months ago, had the exactly same crack as yours! Same location and same size! I think it must be manufacture problem of Lenovo. So disappointed! The service center said they will send it to the Depot to let them to decide if they are willing to repair it under warranty or not.IMG_2666.JPGIMG_2664.JPG

What's DOS?
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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

I just noticed my p51 swelling under the fingerprint reader today! It looks like it might end up cracking in the same spot. I wouldn't be surprised if this battery is expanding under load and pushing this plastic up until it cracks.

Token Ring
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Re: P50 Keyboard bezel crack

The problem with all the new Lenovo laptops, is that they forego a locking & latching lid, unlike a real laptop, the T430's..... It's all form now, forget function. Looks pretty in pictures and staged rooms. Enjoy your new decorative system. (a VERY sorry W540 owner).


It should be noted that I posted pictures of REAL WORKSTATIONS with locking lids, proper notch for the finges to raise the lid without distorting the screen, ets.  Also, think about this.  If indeed this was mil spec, there would be plastic fibers to harder the case (like adding rebar to a cement casting).  This is nothing but a plastic case, with no engineering and plastic science.  Just cosmestic looks and words on paper.  My computer also 'chiped/cracked' by magic.

Paper Tape
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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

I took my computer into the depot and the palmrest crack (next to the Thinkpad logo) ended up being covered under warranty, so I got a new palmrest bezel installed. I noticed that the corner of the new palmrest also was compressed a little bit (so that it slopes down at the corner) which is what caused the crack to begin with. However loosening the screw below the area aleviated the compression and now it looks OK. I think this is a manufacturing flaw.


However it appears that there is a slight bulge now near the fingerprint scanner and the bezel doesn't sit as well as it used to. One of the snaps probably didn't go in all the way. It's very slight and I can live with it, however it's something to consider if you want to get the bezel replaced--taking the computer apart and putting it back together is not great and it might be better to just live with the crack.

What's DOS?
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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

I agree it must be a manufacturing flaw2018-06-23-P51-Crack.jpg. I have the same crack in the same location and almost the same size on my P51 and the laptop is only 6 mos old.


What did you end up doing?


I have the highest level warranty including accidental damage but this is not accidental damage, I take very good care of the P51. I haven't even used the keyboard much for 2 months as I use a wireless mini-keyboard with built in trackpad.

Paper Tape
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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

Lenovo replaces palm rest about 8 months ago, now the crack came back. Smiley Sad

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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

Hi, I got a similar issue on my P50. I can't complain about Lenovo service, they changed the part on-site with no charge. So I filed a report, got a technician at home, he changed the part and I immediately sold it. 

I would suggest you do the same, unfortunately lenovo have screwed up the ThinkPad line, that is expensive and supposedly rugged. My X201 is still running like the first day. 

Sell it, get some other brand.

Punch Card
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Re: P50: Cracked Palmrest Repair

I contacted Lenovo service with this problem few days ago. They told me it can't be replaced under warranty. They said I used too much force which extends material resistance! Sadly I have another problem with my P50 which is far far worst. Dispaly looks like overburned in some places. And additionally flickers in that places. Lenovo service response is the same according this problem.

So I don't really understand for what the warranty is. This way every problem can be answered: you broke your machine on your own.


BTW As I've written before in the thread my computer spends majority of the time on my desk. It is rather desktop than notebook. If I have to take it with me few times a year I'm handling it like egg.

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