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Blue Screen Again
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P50 - Display: FHD versus FHD Touch

I am trying to find ANY information (reviews would be best) on the P50's FHD Touch display. That seems to be quite elusive. Does anybody have experience with that display? I have been using Macs over the past few years and the screen brightness of the P50 concerns me a bit (My 2012 Macbook Air has 354 nits). And the touch display is even a notch dimmer. 


- FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, 300 nits

- FHD Touch (1920 x 1080) IPS, 270 nits


How happy are you with your touch display? (brightness, colors). Or would you recommend sticking with the non-touch FHD display?

Token Ring
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Re: P50 - Display: FHD versus FHD Touch

The touch display went out of availability shortly after this PC hit the market, so most people

According to the spec, the touch display is only 220 cd/m² in brightness vs 250 cd/m² for the standard FHD display.

To be honest, none of the displays have been strong in the P50, with lots of criticism on inconsistency, backlight bleed, poor gamut, etc.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: P50 - Display: FHD versus FHD Touch

Frustrating - I thought the P50 migth finally be "it". Particualrly with color-calibration built-in, one would think that this machine would have a kick-ass screen. <sigh/>. I guess the search continues.

Punch Card
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Re: P50 - Display: FHD versus FHD Touch

I'm happy with the FHD touchscreen. I bought my P50 for music production, so I can't comment on photo or video quality. I tend to turn brightness down fairly low on most machines. I prefer to keep retinal burn to a minimum. Smiley Wink


Regarding, the screens being out of availability, my P50 was built by Lenovo about a month ago, so they are back in stock.

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Re: P50 - Display: FHD versus FHD Touch

I have Full HD with Pen and love it. It is great to be used indoor. Good news is the touch screen is not 100% glossy. It is about 40% Matt which make life enjoyable! I don't see  much difference between p50 screen  and my dell 27  inch WQHD IPS  monitor.


However P50 screen is awful inside car. not because it is not enough bright. outside some how  black turn to gray and make everything washed out. It dont stop you to do the job but it prevent you to show off your device to someone! My surface pro have IPS screen but it dont have the gray issue, but instead it is 100% glossy that make it uncomfortable. Sure I can add some Matt screen protector. but then screen quality drop. for example white area can turn to colorful noise. when I put all together I find myself happy with p50 because I can see it is pushing me to do more!  P50 have lots of inner pretty that some how shine from outside =)



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