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P50 Fan running constantly.

2016-12-20, 21:32 PM

I've had my P50 for a couple of weeks now, and the fan is running at full speed pretty much constantly. Even with all applications closed, and virtually zero CPU usage.


My P50 is docked in a workstation dock, and connected to an external Dell monitor via the Display Port. Running Win7 Pro, which is fully up to date, as are all the system drivers.


I don't think anything is actually running hot, as the air blowing out of each end of the P50 is cold. Even if the machine has been sleeping for 12 hours (not actually shut down), the fans come on full in less than a minute of looking at the desktop, with no other activity.


I'm extremely happy with the P50 overall, but this constant fan noise is getting very irritating. This surely has to be a firmware issue, and several other people on this forum have reported similar issues. My old T510 hardly ever made this much noise, and all my older IBM era laptops were silent most of the time. Certainly not what I expected when spending over £2000 on a high spec workstation.


Please can someone from Lenovo figure out what's going on ?




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Re: P50 Fan running constantly.

2016-12-21, 13:22 PM

I had an issue after M$ forced an update on the Intel 530 driver on mine. That gave me very runny fan's :) I uninstalled - and re-installed the "original" drivers and my fan speeds went down. 


Looking with GPU-Z the Intel 530 driver was reading erratic temperatures - so jumping from 40c -> 69c up and down all the time - and every time it went up the fan started - so with just a little load - fans was on all the time.

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Re: P50 Fan running constantly.

2016-12-25, 19:33 PM

hey that's one of the very few things i haven't tried... now I realise that even on discrete graphics enabled in bios, intel 530 driver might be still somewhere around..but which version you refer as the "original"?


also I thought about refilling xpu thermal paste but Lenovo support told me i should better try changing the fan itself..I cannot leave my machine for so long in service center (here it can take up to months) the only option would be ordering that part and actually paying for it + replacement. i leave it like this for now, even if quite annoying and it was not like this in the beginning.


similar thread:



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