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P50 Issue: 2 x external monitors + laptop display

I just received my P50 and workstation dock to replace my W530 + dock.  With my W530, I was able to use my 2 identical extenal displays (DVI-DVI) along side my laptop display for 3 screens total.  All running 1080P.  In the Nvidia control panel it displayed all three screens under the "Set up multiple displays" and I was able to set screen, 1,2,3, etc.  It listed the two external displays and the internal laptop display.


With the P50, it only lists my two external monitors and NOT the laptop display under Nvidia Control Panel.  The two external monitors are connected differently due to different port config on the new workstation dock.  Currently they are DVI-DVI and HDMI-HDMI.  Device Manager in Windows 10 lists my two external monitors and one "Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display 1920x1080" which is the laptop display.  Under Windows 10 display settings it shows displays 1,2,3 (only two screens shown though) with two screens either being mirrrored or extended.


Net, net, I am unable to use all three screen independently as I was on my W530+dock.  Nvidia, only sees the external displays; Windows 10 recognizes 3 displays, but forces 2 to either be extended or mirrored.


Anyone esle run across this, and if so how were you able to resolve?  I must have use of all 3 screens.  This is a deal breaker for me if I cannot use all three screens simultaneously and indpendent of one another.  Any advice is appreciated.

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