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Paper Tape
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P50: No Power without battery

I'd like to run my P50 without my battery in it since I usually use it in the same place with the AC adapter plugged in.

I've so far been in the habit of having Airplane mode auto-detection enabled so the battery gets 'exercised' and when it gets low I turn it off to power the battery again.


But I'd rather just not have the battery in.  So I took the battery out and the P50 loaded up fine, for a sec.  After loggin in Windows it did a hard shutdown.  I tried to power on again and what happens is the keyboard lights up for a split sec then nothing.  So it's like it's trying to power up but can't.  I looked for a BIOS setting and found one about an AC feature but that didn't make a difference.  This seems like odd behavior to me, but still feel like there's a Lenovo specific bios feature somewhere, or at least I'm hoping so.

Former Employee
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Re: P50: No Power without battery

Thank you for sharing your experience that when the battery is removed from your P50 ThinkPad and set in airplane mode, the system is unable to run the system on AC power.


The reason this setup does not work is because when Airplane mode is enabled, the 135W AC adapter acts as a 65W AC Adapter by design. Since the P50 requires more power than 65W, and expects to make up for that in Airplane Mode from the missing battery, the system will fail to power on.


Here is a Lenovo Service TIP that discusses Airplane Mode:


Thank you,

Paper Tape
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Re: P50: No Power without battery

Hold on before claiming it solved.  I think there's too much emphasis on the Airplane mode bit here.


Unless airplane mode is set in the bios why would that play any role when the laptop is being turned on, and not even botted into windows yet?

Does that extend outside of Windows 10?


I'm not taking the battery out while the laptop is on, and I understand Airplane mode works as designed.  I was just explaining that I was using it to 'exercise' my battery.

I that would have t do with why the laptop does not turn on with the battery out.  


Again, I turn off the laptop, take out the battery, then try to power up.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: P50: No Power without battery

Hi, I think I am having exactly the same problem as you do. I wonder whether/how you solved this problem? 

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