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P50 Stuck on LENOVO splash screen when connected to peripherals



I have done some snooping around, but can't find anything that explivitly solves the problem I have been having. When my P50 is plugged in at my desk (eg. Monitor, Ethernet, Keyboard, Audio Out, Power), and it has shut down / hybernated when I turn it back on it will stick at the LENOVO splash screen (looks to me like it locks up because it won't even let me into advanced boot options). 


Temperary Solution: 

Problem seems to resolve with removal of battery, hold power button, plug in AC, boot with only AC power. (Sometimes this takes several attempts). Thinking about just setting shut down time to forever to avoid altogether. 


Causes: I suspect it has something to do with my monitor (just a cheap ASUS off of Amazon), it is not a repeatable problem either, it only happens off a total cold start and maybe only 1/5 times at that. 



BIOS Version 1.52 


Any opinions are welcome 


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