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What's DOS?
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P50 Touchpad very poor quality

I've had the P50 now for about two months and the touchpad and it's buttons are really poor quality. So bad indeed that they are also unusable.


The touchpad seems to get triggered by the slighest touch, even if I have the 'disabled while typing' set and am typing away (which means while I am typing the mouse pointer will have a mind of its own, jumping all over the place, even selecting large block of text and overwriting it while I'm typing.)


And then when I actually want to use the touchpad, it seem to take mutiple 'taps' before it registers, and the left mouse button, when usin git for drag and drop is 'hit-and-miss'  it either takes two or three attempts befor eit actually selects the object under the cursor, and half the time it stops working half way thorugh the drag-and-drop, meaning files get dropped where they shouldn't.


It's come to the point where I use the menu cut-paste, which is inconvienient., and will have to go shopping for an external keyboard and touchpad.


This is not what I've come to expect from a Lenovo Thinkpad ... this is the 4th Lenovo model I've owned (since back when they were IBM) and this laptop is by far the worst in terms of build quality.




Note: I am running RHEL 7.3, not Windows and have no intention of loading Windows on anything I own. But I've been using Redhat on all my Lenovo laptops, and had little to ni issues with them running it to this point.

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Re: P50 Touchpad very poor quality

Have you tried using another Thinkpad?


There are multiple Thinkpads in my office and none behave like you describe. Their Touchpads work as expected.


Maybe, is just a driver problem.


If everything is updated and there are no reported issues, after a hardware scan, I would open a ticket with Lenovo.

It should work as advertised, of course. If it doesn't then , it should it be fixed.


P50 - Xeon E3-1535M v5 - 32 GB RAM - FHD display - Quadro M2000M - Win7 x64
What's DOS?
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Re: P50 Touchpad very poor quality

I am sitting here with my old W530 (4 years of consant use and 'abuse') and New P50 comparing the keyboard, touchpad, and mouse buttons and there really is a very noticable difference in quality.


The keys on the P50 have noticably less 'firmness'.


The mouse buttons are far less firm, and instead of have the feel of being  a "full button" like the W530, they feel more like 'rocker swichers' where if you don't push down exactly in the middle you don't get the feeling that the moue button will be 'reliable' (and it isn't IMO)


The touchpad itself - I can just barley hover my finger over it and at times it will 'activate' as a click ... at other times I can firmly tap on it and it doesn't recognize that I've touched it (This may possibly be a 'driver issue', but given the quality of the keys and mouse buttons I'd have to see evidence of that.)


Like I said, this is my 4th (at least) lenovo, not including the ideapad I bought for my wife, and the P50 is reallly a disappointment in build quality compared to all the others

Punch Card
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Re: P50 Touchpad very poor quality

My touchpad/keyboard or button was broken when shipped to me, it caused alot of weird mouse pointer issues until it got replaced (which tooked lenovo a month).

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Re: P50 Touchpad very poor quality

I too think that the P50 touchpad and touchpad lower buttons are poor quality.

I am frustrated by how often the touchpad activates when I don't mean for it to do so (the cursor will abruptly jump to somewhere else e.g. in a Word document or a web browser input box), and then at the same time how hard it can be to get a deliberate tap to register as a left-click.

Also, from the day when my P50 arrived, the left lower touchpad button was finicky. It often would "stick down" (not the cap of the button itself, but the switch underneath), such that I would press the left lower touchpad button to left-click, but Windows would not actually register the left-click (button-up) action until I moved the mouse (either with the touchpad or with an external mouse).

I sent my P50 for warranty repair (in Europe, to the Poland repair service centre). When it came back, at first it seemed better .. then quickly I noticed that now sometimes the lower left touchpad button doesn't register at all, or the original problem has returned. And the over-sensivity of the touchpad / un-sensitivity of the touchpad remains as before.

I'm very disappointed. I'll be sending my P50 for warranty repair again (this time, in the US) in vain hopes of this expensive, "high quality" device actually working well Smiley Sad


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