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P50 Trackpad design failings

Hi all,


While overall, I love my P50, I have two issues (fairly serious ones for me) with the Trackpad's Design. 


1) If you are holding a key (on the built-in keyboard) down, you cannot move the mouse via the Trackpad.  You can via the Trackpoint, but not via the Trackpad.  As far as I can tell, holding down a key disables the Trackpad.  I can understand the reasoning for this design decision if it is "people complain that they were typing, and all of a sudden, the mouse moved on me."  I understand this, and this has happened to me on my T40.  It can be frustrating.

>>However, there should be an option to leave the Trackpad enabled when typing or depressing a key.

>>There might be one already, in which case I ask that someone screenshot which option to toggle to change this so that the Touchpad stays on while depressing a key. I would be most grateful.

While I know that some of you swear by the "eraser mouse," I personally (and others that I know) have never gotten the hang of precisely using/controlling the Trackpoint, especially at speed (despite thousands of hours of Thinkpad use).




2) The Middle Mouse Button+Trackpad gesture or the Upper Middle Mouse Button+TrackPoint is not the same [command] as "Mouse Wheel Up" or "Mouse Wheel Down."  It works perfectly for scrolling (indeed, Control Panel>Mouse labels it as a gesture for "scrolling" up/down or left/right, depending on the finger motion), but it does not register as Mouse Wheel Up/Down. (And my quotes for "scrolling" weren't out of sarcasm, but rather what I recall the Control Panel>Mouse dialog as saying).


I have some programs that require this command ("Mouse Wheel Up/Down") and, short of getting an external mouse (with wheel), I cannot enter/use this command in those programs (and thus the functionality of those commands are lost).  This quickly becomes rather annoying, especially as this gesture could be made to register as a wheel, even if only the "UMMB+Trackpoint=Wheel".  As is (Win7 Pro), the wheel functionality is not there.

Again, if you can show me where to go to change this into a wheel up/down, I would be grateful.


Lenovo, please fix these issues.  Thanks.


Also, as a side note, the Trackpad (or Middle Mouse Button) is almost too big.  If (as is often the case) my right wrist is resting just to the right of--but not on--the Trackpad, I frequently have to pick up and move my wrist/hand to reach the left mouse button.  If the MMB were slightly narrower (1/8" or ~3mm), it would be more convenient.  Others may disagree on this, and I can easily live with it.

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Re: P50 Trackpad design failings

I concur on all your points and I would add that palm rejection could be improved as well.

As my hands rest on the bezel in their default typing position, part of my left hand (between thumb and wrist ) tends to glance the left edge of the touchpad, disabling its cursor and buttons. I have to deliberately lift my left hand from the machine in order to reenable functionality.



I have better luck than you using the TrackPoint so this is not the most eggregious of oversights on the P50 in my experience, but when I found this thread I felt compelled to chime in.

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